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Nonprofits: Keep Careful Watch Over Spending, Especially T&E

Nonprofits: Keep Careful Watch Over Spending, Especially T&E

Concur Live WebcastNonprofit organizations often rely on face-to-face meetings with their members and other supporters. These meetings can lead to donations, grant opportunities, and an increase in membership dues as well as support. However, travel and expenses (T&E) can drain budgets, especially when managed with manual processes. Get a better view of spending by creating a policy that you and your colleagues can follow.

Creating a T&E policy that meets the needs of all your employees, and your strict nonprofit budget, can be a daunting task. Get started by downloading “How To Create A No-Questions-Asked Expense Policy For All,” an eBook from Concur, for guidance with developing terms and reimbursement guidelines for your T&E policy.

For example, consider what range of airfare or hotel expense are acceptable and will you reimburse for laundry or dry-cleaning services during trips? Do you have preferred vendors, such as a hotel chain, that may offer discounts for high-volume or repeat visits? Being clear with the spending and expense reimbursement guidelines that your employees should follow when making accommodations or during travel is the first step with keeping a close eye on spending. The second step is implementing the technology that can improve compliance.

TripLink® is a simple app that your employees can add to smartphones or tablets. Seamlessly connected with Concur Expense® and your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, this app can be used to make travel accommodations that adhere to your travel policy. When airfare is made or a hotel secured, TripLink can notify managers if there is an accommodation that is not within guidelines. Managers can then approve or deny the arrangement and have visibility into travel arrangements before they are made. In addition, during travel, employees can take a photo of a receipt and upload details to a mobile expense report. You can monitor spending in near real-time and be aware of spending as it is occurring, instead of weeks after an employee returns from a trip.

In order to gain insight and control over spending, create a T&E policy that you and your colleagues can live with and implement the technology to improve compliance. Download “How To Create A No-Questions-Asked Expense Policy For All” and contact Brittenford Systems for guidance with the technology you need to keep careful watch over spending.

But Wait, There’s More!

Concur and Brittenford have partnered to present “Eliminating Manual Processes with Financial Integration” on May 27, 2015.  Featuring experts from both Brittenford and Concur, this webcast will show the journeys of Gorilla Glue and Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau to simple, streamlined, and secure integration between travel and expense and financial management. Register Now.


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