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PositivePay Demo Video Now Available

PositivePay Demo Video Now Available

PositivePay Demo VideoA check fraud prevention service is now available through Intacct Platform Services. PositivePay is a check fraud prevention system for your Intacct checking accounts. This service is fully integrated with the Cash Management Module and has the flexibility to meet any bank format required.

Key benefits include:

  • Dramatically reduces check fraud
  • Can be used with all US banks and multiple accounts
  • Easy to install, implement and use

Whether you are paying vendors or reimbursing employees, PositivePay™ by Brittenford Systems, Inc. is the solution.

Brittenford’s PostivePay demo will share how to automatically generate an electronic file of specified checks from Intacct to submit to your bank.

For more information on how PositivePay works, watch the video below or visit brittenford.com/check-fraud-system-prevention-positivepay/


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