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Prestige Care Implements PositivePay for Intacct – Case Study

Prestige Care Implements PositivePay for Intacct – Case Study

Prestige Care PositivePay Case Study Prestige Care, Inc., founded in 1985, has 72 assisted living, skilled nursing, and retirement communities across Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Washington State. Prestige Care communities provide nursing and rehabilitation services in addition to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Prestige Senior Living communities offer both independent retirement and assisted living options.

Finances for all 72 locations are managed at the central support office in Vancouver, Washington using Intacct, a leading cloud based ERP. The countless financial transactions that are needed to operate the Prestige residential communities result in a large number of checks being printed, either directly by Prestige or indirectly through their bank, Wells Fargo. At the time, Prestige was using a manual process to create the issued-check file for Wells Fargo.

“We would print a check register from Intacct and reformat it to Wells Fargo’s specifications for positive pay submissions. We saved that as a separate file and prepared it to be uploaded. There was room for human error in that process. In addition, we found we had an odd quirk. Whenever someone got a new computer, it would not create the issued-checks file correctly; the settings were computer-specific. Maintaining separate programming on different user stations was annoying and inefficient,” said Jodi Black, company controller.

To replace this time-intensive manual process, Prestige Care partnered with Brittenford Systems to provide an easy, automated solution to generate the weekly files to submit to Wells Fargo. In November 2012, Brittenford Systems implemented PositivePay for Intacct. PositivePay is a check fraud prevention system for your Intacct checking accounts.

PositivePay, an Intacct companion product developed by Brittenford Systems, integrated seamlessly with the Intacct platform Prestige Care was already using. In addition, PositivePay for Intacct enabled Prestige to configure the layout of the check register to meet Wells Fargo requirements and auto-generate weekly files.

“We are very happy with the results. PositivePay for Intacct is easier and faster to use than our former process, and now we have a better record too. Brittenford’s solution picks up any voids of the checks that the bank prints for us. For us that is important because it makes the monthly reconciliation process easier and quicker as well. And personally, PositivePay for Intacct is a great relief for me because it saves me from having to maintain the computer-specific programming of our previous manual process,” said Black.

For more information, read the full PositivePay case study here.  Or to see a PositivePay demo, view the video below.

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