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Project Accounting Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics SL vs. Intacct – Webcast

Project Accounting Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics SL vs. Intacct – Webcast

Project Accounting Solutions - Intacct vs. Microsoft Dynamics SL For project-based organizations, one of the biggest challenges is managing the “Business of Service Delivery”. Project-based organizations can effectively manage the six major steps in the service delivery lifecycle and consistently deliver projects on time, within budget, and within scope if they have the right systems and processes in place. So which project accounting solution is right for you?

Microsoft Dynamics SL is an ERP financial management solution for project-based organizations, which helps you connect project management and accounting, streamline business processes, and deliver insight across your entire organization so that projects are estimated correctly. On the other hand, Intacct Project Accounting helps service companies and businesses with embedded services organizations maximize performance and profitability.

Join us on March 12, 2013 at 1 PM ET for our webcast, Project Accounting: What Are My Options? to discover how project-based organizations are using Microsoft Dynamics SL (an on-premise project accounting solutions) and Intacct (a cloud-based project accounting solution) to gain control over their finances, streamline operations, and improve financial reporting and business visibility.

This webcast will teach you:

  • How project accounting solutions can increase performance and improve profitability, including increasing EBITDA by 6%.
  • How real-time visibility into service projects can improve on-time delivery by 7%.
  • How to shorten your monthly close, gain visibility into true project P&L, and reduce manual processes.
  • How work and project data can automatically flow through to Dynamics SL or Intacct for the “service delivery to cash” lifecycle.
  • Gain insight into successful projects and apply that knowledge to future engagements to increase overall financial performance.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of on-premise and cloud project accounting solutions.

Please share this post with those who be interested in attending this webcast. Or for more information on your project accounting options, visit the additional resources below.

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