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Reporting Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Reporting Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015Reporting for your project-driven business requires special understandings and enhancements. In this third part of our Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Featured Enhancement Series, we share with you changes made to improve your reporting experience.

Improved Reporting for Government Contractors, Construction, and Project Business

Microsoft Dynamics SL continues to focus on enhancing reporting for the everyday accounting user while expanding the secure availability of reports to the non-accounting user. For decades, the solution continues to enhance the reporting experience including creation of refreshable Excel and pivot tables as well as making reports available via the web.

  • Reports – Emailing: Reports can be previewed and now emailed as attachments with the click of a button.   New email capabilities have been added to the SAP Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) preview interfaces. Users can select the report format and email address, allowing them to share report information.
  • Report – Report Formats: Support has been added to allow for unlimited report formats. To assist in choosing one of these unlimited report formats is a new feature that defines the most commonly used report format for a report, by company. Now when a report is opened, it will default to the defined format.
  • Report – Meta data: Newly added metadata for reporting means there is no longer a need to guess what a field means when trying to select specific data to display on a report. For instance, the field name“vr_01610A.acct” will be shown with the description, “Account”. In addition it will also display a status indicating if the field is currently on the report (Yes or No) and whether it came from another table (ex. Account.Acct).
  • Possible Values list – More intuitive lookups: The core feature of looking up data, found in most screens, has had a makeover. The same filter capabilities used in Quick Query to intuitively narrow your lookup options as you type now work in populating the possible values in all look up lists.
  • Quick Query – Refreshable Excel files: Quick Query provides end users the ability to find data to answer questions, drill back into the product or to share the data by exporting it to Microsoft Excel. With Dynamics SL 2015, the Grid to Excel feature in Quick Query has been enhanced to support the creation of refreshable excel table documents as well as pivot tables. Now data can be exported once and then opened and refreshed over and over again.
  • Quick Query Web Apps: Quick Query accessibility is now being expanded to the new web apps for Dynamics SL. This means Quick Queries can now be viewed on tablets and smartphones along with desktop machines.

Learn More about Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

In considering a new solution for your project-based business, Microsoft Dynamics SL may be the option for you. With decades of experience, functionality, and flexibility, Dynamics SL 2015 is an addition that will undoubtedly improve the visibility of your business. We welcome you to learn more about the other features available to your business with Dynamics SL:

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Brittenford Systems is excited to provide the improved functionality that will come with Dynamics SL 2015 to your business. Contact us to learn more about improving your project intelligence with one of our many business solutions.


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