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Resellers: Grow Business with Award-Winning Connectors

Resellers: Grow Business with Award-Winning Connectors

Do you know ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect? Two products, built to automatically sync information between Concur Travel and Expense and Microsoft Dynamics GP and Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics GP, that have, in part, contributed to Brittenford’s rise to the top of the Concur App Center.

These two products have helped Brittenford build its business, improve its ranking on the VAR lists, and win two consecutive Concur App Center Partner of the Year Awards.

With ever-increasing demand, we would like to invite you to grow your own business while improving your relationship with clients by providing an easier solution to connect two products they likely already use.

Partner with Brittenford: ExpenseConnect for GP and InvoiceConnect for GP

Announced recently in our press release, Brittenford is now offering an opportunity for resellers to offer Brittenford’s ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect Connectors for Concur and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

This partnership will allow organizations to resell and support the following integrations.

ExpenseConnect (Concur Travel & Expense and Microsoft Dynamics GP)

ExpenseConnect for Dynamics GP leverages GP web services to create a secure, seamless integration between Concur and Dynamics GP with no need for manual data manipulation or SAE file download. Learn more about why customers choose ExpenseConnect for GP here.

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InvoiceConnect (Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics GP)

Seamlessly integrate your invoice processing between Concur Invoice and Microsoft Dynamics GP. InvoiceConnect creates an automated integration between the two systems to complete your full invoice workflow. Learn more about why customers choose InvoiceConnect for GP here.

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Why Partner with Brittenford?

Resellers joining the ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect Partner Program will recognize the following benefits and opportunities:

  • Revenue Potential: This partner program provides revenue potential for the life of the subscription.
  • Generate Additional Service Revenue: Partners gain additional services revenue potential for training and support of the ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect solutions.
  • Gain More Trust from Customers: Resolve client challenges at low cost and high value, becoming a trusted advisor while gaining additional service revenue.
  • Provide the Highest Value Integration Available: The ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect solutions are recognized as the highest value offerings for customers, thanks to the simple, seamless, automated integration that they provide.

Are You Interested? Join the Brittenford Partner Program!

Free to Join, the Brittenford Partner Program will provide your business a unique opportunity to improve relationships. Those interested in this unique and valuable opportunity can contact Stephanie Smith atssmith@brittenford.com.

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