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Resume Do’s and Don’ts Part 2: 10 Things That Will Land Yours in the Recycle Bin

Resume Do’s and Don’ts Part 2: 10 Things That Will Land Yours in the Recycle Bin

Things to avoid on your resumeIn part one of our dos and don’ts series, we shared with you 13 ways to catch a recruiter’s attention when developing your resume. Today, we would like to share with you 10 things that will send your resume to the recycle bin. These surprisingly common things will hurt your reputation as a legitimate job seeker and will definitely end with your recruiter hitting the ‘delete’ button.


  1. Don’t hide potentially important information at the end! If you were initiated into an honor’s sorority or fraternity, list it with your education at the top of your resume. These honors and awards show that you are a worthy and fantastic candidate.
  2. Don’t oversell yourself. Yes, everyone knows that you are a stellar candidate and that you are perfect for the job, but you won’t be able to change and improve an organization overnight. Be enthusiastic, but not overly enthusiastic!
  3. Don’t use a resume template on programs like Microsoft Word. Be a little different! You want to stand out from the crowd. But also don’t go too overboard. Use your creativity in moderation.
  4. NEVER EVER lie on your resume. No further explanations should be needed.
  5. Don’t add an objective or summary. These take up valuable space that could go to your job descriptions and duties. Nowadays most managers overlook them anyways.
  6. Don’t share too much personal and confidential information other than your name, address, phone number, and email. NO pictures, marital status, religion, number of children, etc.
  7. Avoid listing hobbies, political/religious affiliations, and graduations years on your resumes
  8. Don’t list “References available upon request”. This line takes up valuable space and is not necessary. If a job requires references, you will be asked to give them later
  9. Don’t list unprofessional e-mail addresses on your resume. If you have an e-mail like “l0verman123@xyz.com” or “beachblondie456@xyz.com” employers might decide to overlook your resume. Create a separate and more professional e-mail for job applications and other professional matters.
  10. Don’t use your work e-mail as a point of contact if you are applying to leave that organization. Doing so could cause you to lose your job and potentially a great reference if word got back to your manager.

Please keep in mind that these are simply some guidelines that you can follow. There is never a full right or wrong when creating a resume. The last big “Do” that you can choose to follow is to have a second (or third) set of eyes check over everything after completion. Sometimes a fresh outlook can help point out other small mistakes that you may have overlooked.


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