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Sage Intacct Action UI: Delivering Efficiency and Innovation

Sage Intacct Action UI: Delivering Efficiency and Innovation

One of the more exciting changes to Sage Intacct in the past couple years (in addition to the new features) has been the move to the new Action UI. Added last year in the 2018 R2 release, the update made some important changes to the software—focused on actions, efficiency, personalization, and innovation to drive productivity and growth across your organization.

While this was introduced nearly a year ago, recent features have become Action UI exclusive, meaning that if you haven’t yet, it’s quickly becoming the time to make the switch.

What is Sage Intacct Action UI?

Action UI is Sage Intacct’s new user interface, designed for more customization and personalization while adding some new features and removing some unnecessary ones.

According to the documentation:

“Basically, we’ve kept all the good stuff, added some great features, made inconsistent behavior more consistent, and put power into your hands to customize your environment to suit the way you work.”

What’s New in Action UI?

With new functionality such as Bank Reconciliation, a streamlined Pay Bills, Global Consolidations, and Interactive Custom Report Writer is only available in Action, Action UI delivers a wide range of enhancements meant to help you get your job done faster:

  • Action Buttons: Action buttons remain in view as you scroll through a page, making it easier than ever to post or save information.
  • Customizable application switcher: Drag and drop to reorder applications.
  • New reorganized menus: Access menu items in a new Action pane per application.
  • Favorites: If you favorite the menu items you use most frequently across your applications, you can work almost exclusively from your global favorites menu.
  • Reports: You can find everything you need to create or build a report in the Reports menu, including all dimensions. In addition, you can go directly from the Reports menu to Reports Center.
  • Attachments: In the past you could drag and drop one or more files one time only. After that, if you wanted to add more files to a record, you had to go through a laborious process. Now, you can just drag and drop files any number of times into a record, and those files get immediately appended to the attachment.
  • Enhanced Reports menu: You can find everything you need to create or build a report in the Reports menu, including all dimensions. In addition, you can go directly from the Reports menu to Reports Center.
  • Viewing reports:When viewing a report, you can select the specific density that meets your readability needs: Compact, Moderate, or Relaxed. In addition, when you are generating multiple reports from Reports Center, you can view each in a separate browser window making report comparison a slam dunk.
  • Personalize: Build and organize your own menu, reorder your applications right in the application switcher, and customize entity colors on the fly

Action UI-Exclusive Additions

In addition to the improved interface, a majority of new features added will be Action UI-Exclusives, including the following:

  • AP Workbench: AP Workbench offers features such as granular filtering of bills, including creating and saving customized filters; an outbox that acts as a holding area for draft payment requests that you aren’t quite ready to process; easy, intuitive credit application; and much more.
  • Bank Reconciliations: Bank Reconciliation offers features such as granular filtering of transactions, including filtering for voided and reversed transactions, and checks within a certain check # range or date range. It easy to switch between transaction views, and many fields are sticky so you don’t lose information when you need to page back and forth or filter.
  • Interactive Custom Report Writer: The Interactive Custom Report Writer lets you see your data as you’re creating the report. As you step through the different parts of the workflow, you’ll see the report results on the page in real time, as you’re creating it, so you can make changes before you save and print or share the report.
  • Global Consolidations: You can perform global consolidations across all wholly-owned entities and locations that use the same chart of accounts structure. You can also use the Global Consolidations function to view or run consolidation reports and standard reports such as General Ledger, customer and vendor aging, and trial balance and view real-time totals for location and entity key performance indicators (KPIs) in their operating currencies. Use Global Consolidations to:
    • Establish the ability to operate entities and their locations in different base currencies and convert currencies for reporting.
    • Create consolidation books that can automatically convert different currencies into a single reporting currency, providing “one version of the truth” – an integrated view of financial and operational results.
    • Consolidate into future periods for forecast statements for your entities.

Learn More

At Wipfli, we have worked with Sage Intacct for the better part of the last decade, and are excited to share this news with you. If you are looking to see where old features moved, the support blog on our parent site can help.

If you are looking for advice on taking your Sage Intacct implementation further with integrations, need support or advice, or are looking for a partner who can help you use Sage Intacct for years to come, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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