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Sage Intacct Nonprofit Meetup Headed back to Washington D.C. on July 24, 2018

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Meetup Headed back to Washington D.C. on July 24, 2018

At Wipfli, we often present our own events to inform and engage out customer and prospects, leading webinars and live events that help businesses operate more smoothly and to help end users save time. However, we also like to discuss some of the events that our vendor partners run. Today, we would like to invite you to an important upcoming Sage Intacct live event for customers in the nonprofit sector.

The upcoming Sage Intacct Meetup is designed for nonprofit customers looking to understand best practices for using the product, learn about new innovations. Scheduled for July 24, 2018, you can learn more about the events and register below.

What Are Sage Intacct Meetups?

Sage Intacct meetups are regional events hosted by Sage Intacct to teach customers and prospects about the cloud. At these events, attendees will learn from other Intacct customers as they share their experiences and best practices. These free lunch-time events (lunch provided) are designed to foster collaboration so you can get the most out of Sage Intacct.

These events will feature insights from Sage Intacct representatives and partners who will answer questions and demonstrate the latest product enhancements. Events include customer panels, Q&A sessions, peer-to-peer networking activities, and updates from Sage Intacct Product Management. Better yet, some events will feature in-depth training for attendees so that users can better leverage Intacct software for accuracy and insight during periods of growth.

Why Should You Attend?

Attending a Sage Intacct Regional Meetup is a great way to ask questions, get answers, understand new features, learn how to use the product more effectively, and more. While ‘learning how to make your day easier’ should be reason enough, we also understand that getting around D.C. is a challenge and doing so around lunchtime is a challenge in itself. We do feel that the benefits outweigh the commute times, and it’s why last year we discussed some of the top reasons to attend a regional meetup on the Sage Intacct blog:

  1. Networking: Connect with old peers, discuss new integrations with vendors, and connect with other members of the Sage Intacct community—it’s like a mini, 2-hour, Sage Intacct Advantage.
  2. Learn about New Features and Upcoming Releases: Get to know what’s new and what’s next, getting tips and tricks on how to leverage them to make your job easier.
  3. Hear a Detailed Customer Journey: Every meetup includes a fireside chat with a featured customer. Hear how they made the product work for them and get inspired on how Sage Intacct can help you!
  4. Free Training: Certain Meetups include additional training sessions tailored to the industry focus of the event.
  5. Free Stuff: Attending the event automatically enters you into a drawing for a free conference pass to Sage Intacct Advantage, a free training session hosted by Intacct, and gift cards and other goodies from participating partners.

Nonprofits: Join Sage Intacct on July 24, 2018

Get the most out of Sage Intacct. Join us for our Sage Intacct Meetup in Washington DC! You’ll learn from other Sage Intacct customers as they share their experiences and best practices. We’ll also share product roadmap updates and the latest product enhancements.

Join us for the opportunity to:

  • Connect and sharewith fellow Sage Intacct customers in your area
  • Learnabout the latest product management updates and enhancements
  • And so much more

Connect and share with fellow Sage Intacct customers in your industry. Whether you have a question or idea, this Meetup will provide answers and foster collaboration with others.

  • Date: July 24, 2018
  • Time: 11:00 AM ET-2:30 PM ET
  • Location: Embassy Suites DC Convention Center, 900 10th Street Washington, DC 20001

Click here to learn and register.


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