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Secure Project Reports to Non-Dynamics Users

Secure Project Reports to Non-Dynamics Users

Clients frequently ask me…

“How can I get project data in reports that people can access without having to buy a Dynamics license? (or spend my time running the report and emailing it to them!)”

There is a simple, free (yes I said FREE) software solution called SQL Server Reporting Services. This is a web deployed reporting platform that comes packaged with your license of SQL Server. This is a fully securable reporting platform and you access the reports through a URL link from within your intranet (can be deploy over the public internet, but this is for a later topic).

Here is an example of how we access a project report here at Brittenford:

And dates are easily selected with built in calendar controls…

Now you know how to get reports to non-Dynamics users with SQL Server Reporting Services. I’ll have more posts on Reporting Services soon as well as SharePoint!


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