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How to set up Intacct to Allow Employee Users to Enter AP Bills

How to set up Intacct to Allow Employee Users to Enter AP Bills

At Wipfli, we believe in sharing valuable knowledge to empower the users of Intacct.  This is why we wanted to share a proposed solution/workaround when you want employee users to enter AP bills.

To allow employee users to enter AP bills, there is a transaction definition in Purchasing that is accessible to employee users.  It is called “Vendor Invoice Entry.”  As shown in the workflow below, it can be created by converting a Purchase Order to the “Vendor Invoice Entry,” or a user can initiate an AP bill in the “Vendor Invoice Entry” without converting from a Purchase Order:

Allow Employee to Enter AP Bills

1) The “Vendor Invoice Entry” does not have an impact on AP or GL.  The employee user can enter the AP bill against the vendor with the vendor invoice details, including the vendor’s invoice number in the Vendor document number field highlighted below:

Entering an AP Bill in Intacct: Vendor Entry

2) Once a “Vendor Invoice Entry” is processed by an employee user, then a business user can convert the “Vendor Invoice Entry” into a “Vendor Invoice:”

Process vendor invoice entry to vendor invoice in Intacct

3) The Vendor Invoice will post to AP and GL and will have the Bill Number/Vendor document number and all the other data entered by the employee user on the “Vendor Invoice Entry:”

Post Vendor invoice to AP and GL in Intacct

4) Please note that a Purchase Order can also be converted directly to a Vendor Invoice by a business user, and a business user can also go straight to entering an invoice using the “Vendor Invoice” to directly post to the AP and GL.

5) Based on the transaction type of the Purchase Order and “Vendor Invoice Entry” transaction definitions, these two transactions can also be set up with an approval workflow. The Purchase Order is set up to have one Level 1 Approver when over $5K; you can set up approval on the Vendor Invoice Entry based on your policy:

Vendor Invoice Entry Approval Workflows

For additional support on this Intacct proposed solution/workaround, or any other, please contact support@brittenford.com.

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  1. Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Hi –
    We are using the purchasing module with Intacct and our employee users do not have access to permissions for invoice entry. Only business users have this option. Is this something that needs to be configured?

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