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Six Things Stressed CFOs Hate to Admit

Six Things Stressed CFOs Hate to Admit

In today’s ‘information now’ society, the CFO role has become tougher and tougher. The financial leader of the company, the chief financial officer sees increasing pressure to make decisions on an ever-increasing pool of data, even if the data is scattered, the processes are manual, and the technology is obsolete.

Tie this into making strategic decisions that will undoubtedly impact the company one, five, or ten years down the road, and you are bound for some sleepless nights and headaches.

But what is it? The increased demand for information? The ever-increasing pools of data? The need for you to think both quickly and strategically while being forced to use manual processes?

Thanks to our friends at Intacct, we would like to share with you six things that a stressed CFO would never admit, but that sit in the back of his or her mind every single day.

  1. “I’m afraid to admit just how much we rely on spreadsheets to run our business.”
  2. “Accurate and timely management reporting sometimes seems impossible.”
  3. “Our consolidations are labor-intensive, time consuming, and error-prone.”
  4. “We fail to bill 100 percent of our time and expenses.”
  5. “Our on-premises accounting system doesn’t give us the business agility we need.”
  6. “Our finance system doesn’t talk to our other key applications.”

How many of these sound familiar? One of them? All of them?

If you are a CFO or financial professional, or know one who looks a bit burned out from inept technology, there is a solution for each of these complaints.

The answers can be found in the latest Intacct whitepaper, Confessions of a CFO: Coping with Unexpected Business Challenges.

This whitepaper shares with readers the common pain points of growing organizations listed above, as well as the cure for each. Learn more by downloading the whitepaper here, and for even more advice, check out these related resources:

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