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Smart, Safe, and Expedient: How to Get the Most from Your Cloud Decision

Smart, Safe, and Expedient: How to Get the Most from Your Cloud Decision

Ascent to the CloudIf you’ve missed the cloud’s rise from jargon to business driver, here’s a brief overview: The cloud is a big deal, and here to stay. For organizations, the move to the cloud is no longer an if, but a when, and according to Forrester, global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) revenues will reach $106 Billion in 2016, with major 2015 growth in the following categories:

  • Integration
  • Storage
  • Database Management
  • Application Development
  • Business Intelligence

Use of SaaS Applications

However, making the most of a cloud choice requires planning and partnership, lest you run the risk of getting lost in a hypothetical cloud wasteland, with more cloud than you bargained for. How can you overcome this? Simple. Find a partner who can help you plan, implement, and operate applications in the cloud.

Cloud Computing: Planning and Partnership

In the WSJ article highlighting the original cloud struggles for companies like Netflix and Thermo Fisher Scientific, each found solutions by bringing in some form of help to minimize unnecessary costs associated especially with pricing based per instance (as opposed to per user).

Why a Cloud Partner Saves Money for Organizations

However, this concern is summed up perfectly by Gartner analyst Thomas Bitteman in his article “Cloud Computing Requires Brokers—and Carrots,” highlighting the value of a partner to help control costs:

“I can use a credit card and get services up and running within a very short amount of time from a cloud provider. Why would I want to use a broker? Because I can use a credit card and get services up and running within a very short amount of time from a cloud provider. Times ten thousand.”

Bitteman goes further to find that one of his clients had 30% of his cloud spend being wasted on idle processes, a major cost for enterprises.

As the use of cloud services mature – and usage is skyrocketing – there will be more and more of a need to aggregate multiple services to look like one, integrate between services, customize services for a specific industry or enterprise, and govern those services efficiently and with the right level of security.

This is where a cloud partner—whether it be a value-added reseller or cloud services broker—can help you to avoid unnecessary costs and realize the most value through implementation, migration, integration, and support.

What You Need from a Cloud Partner

Recently covered in the VAR Guy, four traits that every implementation partner should display are as follows:

  1. Expert Status in their Field: Awards for innovation, industry-specific services, and ability to understand the pain points of your organization are among some of the things to look for.
  2. Business Process Mapping Experts: Your implementation partner should be able to map out your organization’s business processes to simplify deployment.
  3. Consistent Training and Support: You just hired a new person, who should be there to help out? Your implementation partner.
  4. Consistent, if not Amazing Track Record: Decades of experience helping businesses like yours to make the most of their move to the cloud.

Planning Your Move to the Cloud

It will take time to vet and decide upon both a vendor and partner, but with the right steps taken, you can reap the rewards for years to come. Brittenford Systems has nearly two decades of experience helping schools, labor unions, government contractors and more to make the most of software decisions. Learn more about our history, how we can help you, and contact us to learn more.

For even more insight on your cloud move, follow the software selection roadmap courtesy of Capterra:

How to Buy Software


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