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Solving Your Business’s Accounting Challenges with Intacct

Solving Your Business’s Accounting Challenges with Intacct

Are you starting to feel the pressures from manual processes, complex and costly customizations, Excel-based data manipulation, or a need for better information faster? As you constantly walk a tightrope, balancing the need to manage an increasing level of business complexity and doing so faster than ever.

It’s what allowed your business to grow so rapidly in the first place, efficiency and agility. But now, with your company bigger than ever, you’re expected to manage an increasingly large pool of data sources while distilling the data into useful, decision-supporting insight.

Suffice to say, you face more challenges as a financial professional today than you have in the past, but how do you go about solving the problems and overcoming the challenges?

How to Solve Your Business Challenges with Intacct

From small nonprofit to global public company and everything in between, you face unique challenges. This is why we would like to invite you to a webcast scheduled for Wednesday, January 27, 2016 for “How to Solve Your Accounting Challenges with Intacct,” in which experts will discuss the challenges you face as an accountant or CFO in 2016, as well as how the leading cloud accounting software can help overcome these challenges.

Experts will share with you how Intacct can help you:

  • Automate tedious tasks, allowing your team more time to focus on strategy and company growth
  • Easily analyze and compare multiple facets of your business like programs, projects, departments, and locations.
  • Quickly generate reports with relevant information for your various constituents.
  • Gain real-time insights into your company’s financial performance.
  • Ensure Visibility and Transparency to all stakeholders, decision makers, and more.

Join Brittenford Systems and Intacct Cloud Accounting and Financial Management experts on January 27, 2016 from 1:00 PM EST to learn more. Register here.

Can’t make the webcast? Get in contact with Brittenford using the contact form, and for even more information, download the 2016 Buyer’s Guide to Accounting Software.


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