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Study Finds Companies Choosing Cloud Experience More Growth

Study Finds Companies Choosing Cloud Experience More Growth

It’s become very well-known that the cloud can save you money, improve your organization’s ability to make decisions faster, and leverage more frequent, robust updates to core functionality. But did you know that, if done right, your move to the cloud can drive more business?

Study: More Revenue, Faster Growth in the Cloud

This according to a recent study conducted by CloudHealth, found that among the 388 enterprise-sized decision makers surveyed, those defined as cloud leaders were 2.3 more likely to see the cloud as a competitive advantage, and saw their year-over-year revenues increase by 35% over less cloud-savvy counterparts.

Six Things that Separate Cloud Trailblazers from Followers

There are many reasons behind this growth. CloudHealth finds that the leaders have a better governance strategy, are more likely to treat cloud deployment and optimization as an ongoing process, and who have the vision and discipline to make the move to the cloud. This is what seperates active “leaders” in the cloud from the everyday cloud-using organizations. CloudHealth notes that leaders are more likely to implement the following tactics and strategies than cloud followers:

  • More likely to have cloud computing SLAs (87-91% vs. 54-62%). For more on what you should look for in a cloud SLA, click here. For a cloud checklist, click here.
  • Proactively monitor and alert for abnormal cloud behavior (92% versus 63%)
  • Have a comprehensive, clearly articulated strategy for managing cloud cost (94% versus 37%)
  • Leverage pricing strategies from cloud providers based on forecasted use by workload (90% versus 61%)
  • Understand benefits and differentiators of various cloud options and pick platforms accordingly (91 % versus 59%)
  • Define instance utilization thresholds by workload (90% versus 49%)

Becoming a Cloud Leader Means Taking the First Step

There are many advantages of having a robust cloud strategy at your organization, but for many companies, the hardest thing to do is to take the first step, dealing with IT politics, Luddites, and other people entrenched in their ways.

InfoWorld author and one of the leaders in the cloud movement notes the constant struggle between cloud believers and cloud doubters in his recent article on how to handle the politics of cloud computing resistance.

“Most cloud computing projects threaten someone in the organization. No matter if they admit it or not, or if their lives will actually change or not, the core idea of public cloud computing is to remove some of the control that your colleagues may currently have. At the heart of cloud resistance is insecurity.”

In the name of self-preservation, these people will go out of their way to resist the cloud on all fronts; no different than the Luddites of the 19th century who burned mills to protect their jobs from automation. The only difference is that cloud resistance is much subtler.

There are many tactics of the resistance, including a resister demanding that he or she participate in a meeting before things can proceed, and conveniently being “too busy” to take part in a meeting on moving a resource to the cloud, removing budget dollars from cloud projects, or running scare tactics on “the dangers of the cloud,” providing alternative facts on cloud computing and passive-aggressively fighting tooth and nail to stop the move.

Linthicum recommends taking one simple step—overeducating and over-communicating the value of the cloud—to start swaying more and more people in your favor.

“If there is anything that can fix political issues, it’s providing information early and often. I’ve seen my clients buy cloud computing books for the entire staff, get training accounts on learning sites for basic cloud training, and even invite speakers to present cloud success stories from other organizations.”


Through this “passive education,” as Linthicum calls it, those looking to take the first steps can overcome the resistance with finesse, gaining momentum and opening your organization to the speed, control, and higher revenues that come from cloud computing.

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