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Upgrading from QuickBooks? New Study Finds These are Most Popular Replacements

Upgrading from QuickBooks? New Study Finds These are Most Popular Replacements

With the beginning of a new year comes a time to make resolutions. Are you, like so many others, resolving to “living life to the fullest” in 2016? With nearly half of Americans resolving to accomplish this and a third intending to spend more time with family and friends, according to a GOBankingRates study, many realize that they may be spending a little too much time at the office.

Spending too much time at the office is a common concern—especially for accountants and other financial professionals. There could be a lot of reasons behind this issue, but maybe it comes from one of the best problems a company could face: “We’ve grown.”

Growth is good. But that growth has led you to a realization. You’re spending more and more time in the office managing transactions, consolidating, switching between spreadsheet to spreadsheet, and doing other necessary but manual and time-consuming tasks that are causing long hours and late nights.

QuickBooks Is Great.

Used by millions of companies worldwide, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using QuickBooks. The platform is ready to use out of the box, cheaper than the average annual cable TV subscription, and easy to learn.

These are all reasons that small businesses choose QuickBooks, and a great reason that your company did.

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Now, your company isn’t so small. QuickBooks (and your accounting team) is holding its own, but the question is, for how much longer? Do you feel that any of the following statements apply to your finance department or organization as a whole?

  • We need more (or more customizable) reporting
  • We want stronger security for access control, authorization, and approvals
  • We’ve exceeded the file size limitations
  • We run into performance issues when multiple users are accessing the software
  • We want something scalable that can grow with our company
  • We need something that is designed for our particular industry
  • We’re looking for more comprehensive functionality (i.e. CRM, project management, estimating, etc.)
  • We need more knowledgeable, consultative support than what is provided
  • We need more flexibility to handle our specific workflows

If so, you’ve hit that point in which QuickBooks has served its purpose, but now there is a need for something more.

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More Than Half of QuickBooks Graduates Choose One of These Two Software Options

According to Find Accounting Software, which studied more than 4,000 reviews from former QuickBooks users, the top two software options for QuickBooks graduates were Microsoft Dynamics GP (28.6%) and Intacct (21.7%).


With each of these platforms existing since the 1990s, both have become well-known as options for companies replacing QuickBooks, but there is much more than that. Each platform provides the ability to scale and fits well with software you may already use.

Dynamics GP

Since 1993, Microsoft Dynamics GP (then Great Plains) is an easy to use business management solution that provides a wide range of functionality for small and mid-sized businesses.

Suited for a wide variety of organizations, the highest percentage of buyers come from distribution, professional services, and retail according to the study.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP and benefits for your business using the following resources:


Since 1999, Intacct has been the cloud accounting provider that companies of all sizes have turned to for easily accessible, multiple-updates-per-year, automated financial management software. Priding itself on efficiency and performance for growing financial organizations, the cloud accounting company has seen rapid growth in recent years, surpassing 10,000 customers.

Learn more about Intacct Cloud Accounting and how it can help you using the resources below.

Brittenford Systems is a proud provider of both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Intacct, along with a wide variety of complementary software that can make your lives easier. Resolve to live life to the fullest, saving time and avoiding the pitfalls of outgrowing QuickBooks by contacting us today.



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