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Support and Future of Microsoft Forecaster 7.0

Support and Future of Microsoft Forecaster 7.0

The future of Microsoft ForecasterOn July 7, 2014 mainstream support ended for Microsoft Forecaster 7.0. The bad news is that with the end of mainstream support, Microsoft will no longer be releasing any service packs or hot fixes for Microsoft Forecaster 7.0. Learn more about this application’s future from Brittenford Systems

However, the good news is that Microsoft Forecaster will still be supported under an extended support policy until July 9, 2019. With extended support, Microsoft will continue to handle any break/fix support issues until date. In addition, licenses for Microsoft Forecaster may still be purchased and will be available with the upcoming release of Dynamics SL 2015 and with GP 2013 R2.

SP4 was the last service pack released for Microsoft Forecaster 7.0. However, Microsoft added support for 64-bit machines with SP3.

There have been many questions about the future of budgeting and forecasting with Microsoft Dynamics.   It has been the intention of Microsoft to include some budgeting and forecasting functionality within a future release of Management Reporter.   In the meantime, Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 can be used with both FRx and Management Reporter and is still the only Microsoft option for budgeting and forecasting at this time.

Future Direction of Corporate Preformance Management

With the end of mainstream support for Microsoft Forecaster 7.0, it is important to make strategic decisions to prepare for Black Tuesday 2019. This is why we would like to invite you to our upcoming webcast: Take the Pain out of Budgeting and Forecasting, slated for August 27 at 1:00 PM ET.

In this webcast, we will help you learn how you can take steps to achieve the following:

  • Streamline and shorten the planning cycle: Dramatically reduce the time and effort it takes to budget and plan across the entire business.
  • Reduce risk and save time: Significantly reduce or eliminate manual processes while enabling greater security and accuracy.
  • Gain greater accountability: As budgeting and forecasting become more collaborative, accountability also improves as department heads take ownership of their data.
  • Improve accuracy: Reduce the chance of errors due to manual data manipulation. Integrate actual results to more accurately model future scenarios.

Again, we welcome you to join us on August 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM ET for Taking the Pain out of Budgeting and Planning. Click here to Register.

Brittenford Systems is a Reston, VA provider of service, support, and customized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics products. Read through the rest of our Microsoft Dynamics blogs, and contact us to see what you can learn about the service.

We also welcome you to learn more about the Management Reporter function by registering for the replay of our Management Reporter Class.


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