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Taking the Advantages of T&E Beyond Automation

Taking the Advantages of T&E Beyond Automation

“Set it and forget it,” or the practice of automation, is good for your Showtime Rotisserie, but is only a minor advantage that comes after organizations start using capable and agile travel and expense management software.

Automation can lead to so much more, and a recent IDC study looked deeper into the advantages that come after upgrading T&E Software and what they found that automation started a domino effect, pushing your organization to savings and speed.

Automation is Only the First Step

The first effect you’ll notice is that of reduced labor costs.

Now that the employees have more time to focus on the important things, they can think ‘bigger picture,’ focusing on value-add instead of boring, inefficient, repetitive tasks. Think of it as instilling an ‘80/20 rule’ culture into your finance teams. You and your team gain time, which could go into tasks like identifying better supplier rates, VAT reclamation, etc.

Noting this, with the automation, your organization’s sales team won’t spend nearly as much time submitting, waiting for approval on, and being refunded for receipts—and a de-stressed sales staff is a more productive sales staff.

The Numbers

The IDC study, which completed in-depth interviews with eight organizations ranging in size from 118 to 20,000 employees, found a 482 Percent ROI for each organization using Concur as its technology partner for TEM.

Over three years, IDC calculates that each customer will gain an average of $2.78 million in business benefits, or $54,900 per 100 users.

“So,” you may ask, “Where are these benefits coming from?”

  • Less Travel Planning and Expense Submission Waste: Using Concur reduced the amount time employees spend planning business travel and completing expense reports.
  • Less Time Spent Approving and Denying Expense Reports: Fewer people toiling away in Excel Spreadsheets trying to approve and manage the submission process.
  • Better Visibility, Better Policy: More compliance to policy pairs with better visibility into how the money is spent.
  • Easier Audit Preparation: Using Concur made audit operations more robust and efficient while minimizing the risk associated with improper expenses and lost receipts.
  • Easier Booking, Smarter Travel Decisions, Even More Options: Concur empowered employees to make smarter decisions and increasing employee satisfaction with options to book travel.

All this through mobility, completeness, and analytics that allowed each organization to take advantage of new opportunities to become more agile. Simply put, an improved ability to take advantage of cost-reducing opportunities, a more productive finance team, more sales—raises anyone?

Learn more about the impact that a robust, automated, mobile, and time saving travel and expense management platform can have on your business by downloading the IDC Report, Drive Business Value through Travel and Expense Management Maturity, free from Concur.

Going Further: ExpenseConnect for GP and Intacct

Organizations have been reaping the benefits of Concur for decades, but only recently did we find a way to take those benefits to the next level.

Three years ago, Brittenford released ExpenseConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP, a secure and automated way to integrate data between Concur and Dynamics GP. Later in 2013, we expanded ExpenseConnect to Intacct, creating a cloud-to-cloud connector between the platforms.

If automation with Concur brings to organizations the aforementioned benefits, imagine the amount of freedom you can get without having to download and manipulate data before uploading it to your accounting software.

Needless to say, organizations were impressed. For the past two years, Brittenford has been awarded Concur App Center Partner of the Year for these platforms—a leader by sales numbers in the Concur App Center.

Learn more by attending a half-hour ExpenseConnect for GP Demo on March 24, watching this brief explanation of ExpenseConnect for Intacct, and learning about one of the many companies finding success with ExpenseConnect by reading the following case studies.

Even More: Travel Expense Management and Accounting Integration Infographic

Learn how you can take your savings gained by using Concur Expense further by integrating it with your choice of accounting software—Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, or Intacct. The following Infographic shows you just how much this simple integration can benefit your business.


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