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“Temp to Hire OR Direct Hire, What’s the difference? Just send me someone!” YES, THERE IS A DIFFFERENCE!

“Temp to Hire OR Direct Hire, What’s the difference? Just send me someone!” YES, THERE IS A DIFFFERENCE!

Temp to hire or direct hireSO many clients over the years have said to me I need a strong candidate with A, B, and C and they have to have an outstanding business acumen, great personality and excellent education, credentials, and references, AND OH BY THE WAY send them to me on a Temp to Hire basis…WAIT…..What? Really?

It amazes me that some clients think that the best people on the market just happen to not be working? Yes, of course there may be some cases where people are actively on the job market who just happened to have relocated, or are coming back from maternity leave, or perhaps had to care for an ill family member and returning to the workforce, but the majority of top talent, are employed at an organization as major contributors working NOW. That’s why they are good and need the right opportunity to knock on their door in order for them to leave.

Recruiting and Talent Sourcing is a difficult job and it takes the right resources to uncover the passive candidate that is not out there aggressively looking but would make a change for the right opportunity. Temp to Hire, although very desirable for some employers because they can “try before they buy”, is always a tough sell to candidates that are excellent in their field. You may luck out and find a few gems, but most times you’ll end up with a revolving door of unemployed candidates that are just not the right fit. If you set the right expectations about environment, company culture, team, benefits, salary, you shouldn’t have to go the Temp to Hire route.

Market Education – Unemployment is back to a much lower mark, roughly 5%-6%, nationwide, and here in Washington D.C. we’ve always been blessed with a much lower unemployment average than most Metro regions in the United States. That being said, when you carve out a specialty area like Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, you have to take those percentages and break them down into an even smaller percentage. Needless to say, finding someone with specialized skills out of a 2%-3% unemployed population can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. So why do it? Because most Hiring Managers and HR professionals don’t think about it from that perspective. At the end of the day going through 2-3 rounds of Temp to Hire scenarios can be costly and consume valuable resources. Better to make a one-time investment in the right person.

Direct Hire is always your best option! Direct Hire allows you to see a much broader population of candidates, roughly 90%+ of the working population who have legitimate reasons why they are looking to make a move outside their current organization. Having a good Recruiting/Talent Sourcing partner is always key, someone who’s been in the recruiting business for a substantial amount of time with a strong reputation in the market. Although fees can be substantial with search firms, they are often times worth it to get the right talent in the door that can add immediate value. When it comes to making an impact on your bottom line, you want the best in the market, and you should be willing to make the investment!

There should be only two categories of hire: Temporary and Direct Hire…

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