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The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce Integration

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce Integration

Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerceToday, consumers expect on-demand, custom-built products, fast shipping and the ability to purchase online. For businesses with an eCommerce layer in their business structure, there are a few important and unique considerations when using an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In particular, for manufacturers and distributors using Microsoft Dynamics GP, their unique position working between manufacturing and the consumer means these businesses need to be able to easily track a variety of information, and much of it does not stay in the back-office. This has applications across a variety of industries, but is a particular nuance of manufacturing and distribution. Below are benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP and eCommerce.

When considering your eCommerce integration with Dynamics GP, keep these potential capabilities in mind (MSDynamicsWorld):

  • Offer easier order processing and data entry.
  • Introduce promotional activities that aren’t available without an ecommerce solution to increase your sales.
  • Create online catalogs to display products and offer special promotions.
  • Sell through multiple channels, a feature that isn’t available when using GP alone. Gain support to sell through various marketplaces online.
  • Implement cross-selling and up-selling, which isn’t an option for a stand-alone GP system, improving your level of customer service.
  • The use of eCommerce with GP allows you to implement SEO techniques, including Meta tags, so your products can be found directly through the search engines.
  • Manufacturers can set solid models for distributors to follow to streamline the process for everyone.
  • Automatically run and track email campaigns to bring in more traffic and sell more products.
  • Add accurate reporting on product information, inventory levels, order status, shipping status and even delivery, all of which is unavailable through GP alone.
  • Transition to more paperless processes as you eliminate redundant activities and  increasing order accuracy.
  • Introduce new loyalty programs driven by accurate information in both the front and back office.
  • Keep more accurate records of your inventory. When a sale is made, the purchase items are automatically removed from the system for real-time accuracy.
  • Reach out to customers through the use of mobile devices and social media, both critical aspects of the ecommerce world today.
  • Create reports, enable alerts and complete simple and complex data mining, all from one online system instead of having to enter the information in GP and multiple other systems separately.
  • Access all necessary information from anywhere. Your sales associates and other staff can use a mobile device to easily complete various business functions.

You can read the full article here.

With all the above-mentioned benefits, it makes sense to consider integrating your current Dynamics GP with a quality eCommerce solution. The possibilities in B2B and B2C markets have never been more diverse, and businesses using Dynamics GP are well positioned to take advantage of the growing range of channels including online, mobile, social, and third-party marketplaces.



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