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The Benefits of Upgrading From Peachtree to Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Benefits of Upgrading From Peachtree to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Upgrading from PeachtreePeachtree by Sage, now called Sage 50,  is one of the world’s most popular accounting systems (behind QuickBooks) with more than one million users. However, fast growing companies will typically outgrow Peachtree solutions. A whitepaper, Practical Advice For Companies Who Have Outgrown Peachtree, from ASA Research, shared how to tell if you have outgrown your solution and 11 benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Have you Outgrown Peachtree?

Fast growing companies will typically outgrow Peachtree solutions in two different ways:

  1. A company’s increasing volume of transactions and concurrent users can outgrow the practical database and user capacities provided by Peachtree.
  2. As companies grow and expand, the need for more advanced accounting system features expands as well.

In general, you can tell that you are beginning to outgrow Peachtree’s feature set when you must implement manual work around procedures, purchase ancillary third party applications, or find an increasing number of needed features lacking in Peachtree. You can also tell that you are starting to outgrown Peachtree when you notice an unacceptable delay in the menus and screens when navigating Peachtree, when reports take an unacceptable amount of time to print, or when your number of users needing access to your accounting system exceeds Peachtree’s maximum number of users.

11 Benefits of Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a richly featured financial accounting and business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business. If you’ve outgrown Peachtree’s performance and feature set, it is most likely time for your company to step up to a middle market accounting system solution. Microsoft Dynamics GP has:

  1. More features
  2. Strong database
  3. Wider range of modules
  4. Stronger financial reporting
  5. End-user customization tools
  6. Inter-company accounts
  7. Forward looking reports
  8. Office integration
  9. Familiar interface
  10. Networking architecture
  11. Access to data

For more information about upgrading including full benefit details, please read the whitepaper. Also, read a case study about a company who upgraded from Peachtree to Dynamics GP. Or please visit the additional Microsoft Dynamics GP resources below:

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