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The Double-Edged Sword: Challenges Businesses Face When Business Management Software Fails

The Double-Edged Sword: Challenges Businesses Face When Business Management Software Fails

Growing businesses need to hold up to the competition. Unfortunately, as you process more transactions, deal with more customers and suppliers, and hire more staff, you begin to realize that your current system no longer meets your needs. As one of the leaders in helping growing businesses implement and operate modern business software, we would today like to explore two ongoing dangers that businesses face when they either outgrow or outlive their accounting solution or ERP.

The Entry-Level Challenge: Surrounded by Spreadsheets

For those companies still using an entry-level application to manage project accounting and management, it’s likely your staff spends hours or days each month toiling away in spreadsheets, trying to get an accurate picture of each project, aligning the costs, revenues, hours, and more as they attempt to bill a client for something that resembles the details of a project. This entry and re-entry process is not only time consuming, it is often inaccurate, resulting in more questions from your client than answers you can provide.

The Legacy Challenge: Custom Code Conundrums

Alternatively, for those businesses utilizing a legacy application to manage their project management, reporting presents its own challenges. Financial professionals are trained in the art of finance, not coding, meaning the process of generating a report often has to pass through a few other people before they can present the information. Whether it’s through the use of a complicated reporting solution that only a few people know or using custom code to create some semblance of integration, it’s likely neither is facilitating your ability to answer a question.

This will only continue to get worse as your employees specializing in the legacy ERP retire and fewer companies support the codebase for the aging solution.

Next Steps

Whether you are outgrowing your current solution, need to modernize your technological stack, or are looking for something that better suits your needs, this guide provides an overview of options so that you can select the right one.

Need more help? At Wipfli, we’ve been in the business of implementing software and supporting decision makers for decades, and would love to discuss your needs. With a wide range of available options and the ability to support you with one that works for you, we have the skills and history to deliver. Download the entire 2019 Buyer’s Guide here, and contact us for a free consultation.


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