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The Inquisitive Interviewee: Nine Questions to Wow Your Interviewer

The Inquisitive Interviewee: Nine Questions to Wow Your Interviewer

You’re at the end of the interview and you know that you rocked it! Then all of a sudden you’re thrown off guard when the interviewer asks if you had any questions for them. Of course you could ask the stereotypical question, “What’s next in the job process?” which is a great question! It shows that you are interested in the position and are eager to hear what the next steps should (or will) be. Or you could ask “How do you like your job?” which is a great basic question. You should expect to hear a positive answer, but if not then you should definitely look at other options. Or you could just simply tell them that you have no additional questions, which is bad! You then wrap up the interview, shake hands, and go your separate ways and you hear nothing back.

It happens all too often that people don’t do their research and prepare 2-3 questions so that they can “wow” their interviewers. Candidates that come prepared with great questions are often the candidates that get hired.

With that all being said, always come prepared with at least double the questions you plan on asking just in case some of your questions are answered during the actual interview. Not having any questions to ask might indicate that you are just going through the motions of an interview without any real intentions of actually wanting the job. Remember, the Q&A time you get at the end of the interview is often the last chance you get to make a great final impression, which can either make or break your chances of landing your dream job!

I’ve included a few great questions to ask at the end of every interview that is sure to knock the socks off of any potential employer!

  1. Tell me about the culture of your team? This answer will give you some insight of how the employees work together and interact on a daily basis. It will help you gauge whether you might be a good fit for the organization.
  2. What is the most challenging part of this role? This question shows that you are very interested in the position and what all you are going to do in the role itself. Sometimes job descriptions don’t go over everything that they plan for the employee to do and this might give you a better idea.
  3. What traits does it take to be successful in this role? Again, this type of question can give you valuable information that isn’t written in the job description you’re interviewing for. You will find out what the traits of the previous employee in that spot were and whether they were good or bad and how you compare.
  4. What is the tenure of your team like? You want to hear that there is good tenure. It means the company offers a great work environment where people want to stay instead of leave to something different.
  5. What new skills can I hope to learn here? This question shows that you are not only there to work, but to grow as well. Any job you take should be one that helps you to grow and advance yourself personally and professionally. You take the skills you have learned previously and add the skills you will learn there thus taking them with you wherever you go.
  6. What is it about this job/company that keeps you here? This question gives you some personal insight and experience from the employer. I can personally attest that this question works wonders during an interview. When employers hear this question it makes them reflect on why they’re still there. I heard several answers ranging from the tenure of everyone, the culture, the coworkers, etc. Asking this question makes them think and reflect which means you’ve chosen a great question! You should interview them just as they have interviewed you to ensure that you would like the company.
  7. If you could improve one thing about this company, what would it be? You could ask every employee you know and there will always be something that they wish was different. Maybe some sort of policy or procedure just needed one little tweak that they thought was needed. Hearing their answer will give you an idea of how they feel about the company and how it handles its business.
  8. How did you get your start in this company? It’s always great to hear and see when a manager started their career as an intern or entry-level employee. It shows that the chances to climb up the corporate ladder are high and that people are happy to stay where they are. I think that it also tells you that people really know the company/business inside and out. Starting at the beginning lets you know that they know how to do every little function required for each position. These people are great to learn from!
  9. Do you have any concerns about my background with regards to this role? This is a Key question. It allows you to combat any potential issues the interviewer might have thought of during the interview.

Coming up Tomorrow: 7 Things You Should NEVER Ask at the End of Your Interview

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