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The Inquisitive Interviewee: The 7 Worst Questions You Could Ever Ask

The Inquisitive Interviewee: The 7 Worst Questions You Could Ever Ask

In part one of our ‘questions to ask’ blog, we shared with you nine things that will impress your interviewer and set you up for that positive call back with a job offer. But with every positive, there comes a negative, specifically that of questions you may be asking during an interview. If you want to never get a call back and ruin your chance at this and future positions at the interviewing company, by all means, ask the following questions. However, if you actually want the job, avoid these questions with your life.

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Here are some examples:

  1. “What’s in it for me?” types of questions
  2. Don’t ask about flexible hours, education reimbursement, benefits, salary, time off, etc. during the interview. It shows that you might only be interested because of these benefits. Only ask those questions if you should receive an offer. Only then is it okay to ask and discuss those benefits.
  3. What does your company do? This is a BIG one. This would absolutely tell the hiring manager that you have done zero research beforehand.
  4. Did I get the job? You must have patience! This type of question puts employers on the spot. Instead ask about the next steps in the process.
  5. How long will I have to wait until I can get promoted? This might show that you aren’t interested in the initial position you are interviewing for. You are simply wanting to move onto something bigger and better. Let’s face it, we all are! If you are curious about potential promotion opportunities, try and phase the question a little more like this, “What are some of the opportunities for growth in this organization?”
  6. Don’t ever address your own concerns/weaknesses to the hiring manager UNLESS they bring them up first. If that happens, always bring up the strengths that overcome the weaknesses or how you’ve managed to turn that weakness into a strength. Example: “I couldn’t handle so many different projects on my plate at once so I decided to work on my time management. I made a list of everything that I had to do and marked them off once I completed a section or whole task.” Basically, you took a stressful situation and implemented great time management to better yourself.
  7. Do you do background checks or drug tests? What could you be hiding? This would throw up red flags for any employer.

As with any interview, always do your research before the actual interview. It could be that there was a bit of information you found on the company website that prompted you to ask a question. It shows that you did your homework and are curious to hear more! There are plenty of websites to help you with additional questions to ask and what kind of answers you might expect to hear. Remember that interviewing is a two way street and that asking certain questions can land you the job!

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