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The Sky’s the Limit: Finance in the Cloud [Infographic]

The Sky’s the Limit: Finance in the Cloud [Infographic]

The cloud, with roots tracing as far back as the late 1960s (ARPANET enabler J.C.R. Licklider defined it as an “intergalactic computer network”), continues to change the way that companies do business. Nowadays, with the bandwidth and technology available, companies in the cloud recognize the savings and flexibility promised to businesses since the days it was just a pipedream.

But there’s still nowhere to go but up—especially in finance and business intelligence.

To highlight the future of finance in the cloud, Host Analytics recently released an infographic highlighting the adoption and increased use of the cloud for financial applications. Titled “The Sky’s the Limit,” the infographic highlights important facts and trends, including:

  • The Four-Year Plan: 83% of finance executives see ½ of their transactions happening in the cloud within four years.
  • Financial professionals feeling the pain of spreadsheets: With 88% of spreadsheets having errors, the manual processes are not only time consuming, they are dangerous.
  • Organizations Getting Sunk by the On-Premise Iceberg: With a plethora of upfront and ongoing costs, companies are finding that cloud software costs ¼ of on-premise, and with ease of updates and lack of servers, applications in the cloud won’t sink you five to ten years from now.

See below for the entire infographic and other related resources:

Sky is the Limit EPM

Heading to the Cloud

Organizations have long recognized the value of the cloud, and the increases in agility, flexibility, and productivity can’t be ignored. Brittenford Systems, as a provider of cloud solutions including Host Analytics, Intacct, and more, is happy to help you plan and navigate your move to the cloud. Contact us today and learn more through the resources below.

And for even more information on making the most of your organization’s finances, follow Brittenford on LinkedIn for the latest news and insights.


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