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The Strategic CIO: Priorities, Roles, and Initiatives for 2015

The Strategic CIO: Priorities, Roles, and Initiatives for 2015

Modernizing the CIO roleHere’s to the unsung heroes of the c-suite, the Chief Information Officers, who keep everything running, with or without recognition from the industry. But keeping everything running is only part of the picture for those who look to take their organizations into the future. The CIO of the day needs to be both innovative and strategic in order to lead his or her organization’s long term IT choices and operations.

Whether you side with the Wall Street Journal statement that the CIO will transition effectively to the role of CEO, or the Forbes article stating the opposite, one thing is certain, strategy triumphs in organizations today, and CIOs will need to solidify their role in the strategic, business transforming decisions.

Top Five CIO Priorities for 2015

There have been many different studies, opinions, and predictions on the past, present, future of the CIO role. For instance, the CIO Task Force amassed by the Wall Street Journal found these five priorities, published as part of a much larger CIO priority list on their website:

  1. Make Security Everyone’s Business
  2. Translate for the CEO how Cyber Risk = Business Risk
  3. Be the Agent for Change in your organization
  4. Have a Strategic Business Vision
  5. Prepare for a “Cyber 9/11”

The Four Faces of the CIO

If these sound familiar, it’s because task force wanted to continue to drive home two key points for CIO success: Cybersecurity and Organizational Change. These ring true in Forbes’s post on the matter as well, which finds that The CIO must take on four key organizational roles in 2015:

  1. Business Transformer
  2. Customer Expert and Advocate
  3. Technology Visionary
  4. Culture Warrior

The CIO will be working with other divisions now more than ever, making decisions that will add value in Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing.

Further, 2015 must be the year that the IT department moves from the “Department of No” to that of an “opportunistic accelerator,” that can easily quantify the value that it provides.

“CIOs and their organizations have to be joyful and enthusiastic enablers and co-creators, assertive partners in creating new strategies while executing flawlessly on the old, finders and shapers of world-class talent, and fully responsible stewards of innovation, revenue growth, and customer loyalty.”

Where Will You Make Your Mark?

You’ve been the unsung hero of the organization, the leader of the department of no, and the back office maven, but where will you solidify your role in 2015? If you need advice or guidance on how to solidify your role as strategic business transformer, culture warrior, customer expert, and business transformer, learn more about Brittenford’s CIO Advisory Services, staffing solutions, and support so that you can focus on one thing—strategy.

Contact us today, and learn more about building your role as a Strategic CIO using the tools below.


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