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Ten Resources for CIOs Looking to Take Control in 2017

Ten Resources for CIOs Looking to Take Control in 2017

Looking to get ahead and stay ahead? Following last month’s CIO Reading List article, we would like to share with you some of our top pieces of advice for CIOs who are looking to take control of their IT Strategy as 2017 churns along.

Blogs and Insights from Brittenford

In addition to our social profiles, which often share some of the top advice from around the web, we have drafted a multitude of articles focused on helping CIOs achieve more:

  • Study Finds Companies Choosing Cloud Experience More Growth: The cloud has not only saved companies money, it has helped organizations to embrace growth opportunities that were previously nonexistent. This article looks into some of the key facts from a recent survey and what they mean for the future of IT Infrastructure.
  • Taking Control: Who Will Lead the Digital Transformation in 2017?: You’ve likely heard the term “Digital Transformation” or “Digital Disruption” a lot over the past few years, and how it could change the landscape of the IT department. Don’t fret, however, because with the right moves, you can keep and even grow your job.
  • Top Five “Top Tens” CIOs Should Read for 2017: Before each year begins, organizations of all sizes and focuses put out annual lists of resolutions to watch. Rather than adding to the fray, we summed up five important top ten lists for CIOs to give you distilled and honest information.
  • Five Technology, Compliance, and Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2017: 2016 was, for lack of a better term, interesting. With the year in the books, we looked at five initiatives across the C-Suite that need to happen in order for a business to grow in 2017.
  • Making the Leap: How to Become a Board Ready CIO: Leading CIOs have an opportunity to improve name recognition while making a few dollars by taking on a board role. It’s a huge responsibility, but by following the right advice, you can become a trusted advisor for a company strategy.
  • How CIOs Can Own the Future of IT Infrastructure: Chief Information Officers looking toward the future are noticing an upcoming challenge that they will need to address in order to grow or even maintain their role. Expected to deploy new products in half the time, extract value from an ever increasing pool of information, and accommodate an organization’s ability to scale, the CIO needs to develop a strategy in order to remain relevant. This article shares advice on how to make that happen.
  • Why User Experience in Cloud Technology Promotes Security: When developing your IT Strategy, focus on how it affects the end user. This article shares tips on how choosing the right software can help prevent Shadow IT from becoming prevalent.
  • CIO and CTO: Who Gets a Seat at the Table?: The CIO and CTO have long been at ends on the overall technology strategy, and if you want to get or keep a seat at the table, being noted as the forward-thinker you are takes a few moves. This article explores how the CIO can take control and avoid being disrupted.

Case Study: KippsDeSanto Hires Brittenford as a Virtual CIO

KippsDeSanto & Co., established in May 2007, and headquartered in Northern Virginia, is a premier investment bank, focused on delivering exceptional results for leading growth oriented companies in IT, Defense, Communications, and Government Contracting. As they grew in size and scope, they needed a partner who has been with them through it all. In this, they turned to Brittenford, who has been working with them since 2007, to gain more control of their IT Infrastructure.

Brittenford helped KippsDeSanto to implement a multitude of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • An integrated network and security infrastructure, upgraded hardware (server and workstations)
  • Unified Threat Management Plan and hardened firewall
  • Business systems including a Deal Management Solution
  • A Business Continuity Plan leveraging an online data protection solution, management and policy for Remote Access and Mobile Device Management
  • Vendor analysis (VoIP, ISP)
  • Full IT relocation support of multiple office moves (including costing, construction, build-out, and execution)

Read the entire Case Study Here.

Whitepaper: A Guide to CIO Advisory Services

For years, increasing competition for financial resources has forced virtually every small and mid-size IT organization to do more with less, use existing IT assets and keep systems online. At the same time, disruptive technology offers potentially more compelling value propositions or competitive advantages than the traditional data center infrastructure. The push and pull of these competing forces can simply overwhelm the ability of the IT director—or controller, CIO, CFO, President or CEO, whoever does the job—to evaluate alternatives, adapt to changing business needs, or simply keep up with existing projects. Download the entire Guide to CIO Advisory Services, and learn more about our work helping CIOs take control here.


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