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Top Takeaways from the First Ever #IntacctChat

Top Takeaways from the First Ever #IntacctChat

What are some of the top questions from potential and current Intacct users and answers from the platform that can make accounting easier for them? Leading cloud accounting platform Intacct recently led its first ever Twitter chat, featuring experts in the Intacct universe sharing information about following Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, as well as their takes on the questions posed by other Twitter users.

#IntacctChat: Key Performance Indicators

We will share some of the top takeaways below, but for more information, head over to the hashtag #IntacctChat to follow along.

Q1: Why Your Organization Should Track KPIs

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of the Business

It’s What Your Organization Needs

Putting Your Vision into Action

Q2: Most Important KPIs?

FTE Tracking: An ACA Must

For more information about tracking full time equivalents as an applicable large employer, check out the recap of our recent webcast on the importance of data under the ACA: See ‘Bringing Accounting, Data, and HR together with Intacct, EmployeeMax, and Integrity Data for more information.

Workforce Stats

Q3: What Are People Doing to Measure KPIs Outside of Intacct?


An unfortunate phenomenon, spreadsheets still reign for other software.

Q4: How Is Intacct Making KPI Tracking Easier?

Providing An Opportunity to Make Better Decisions Faster

Full Visibility in Report Writer

Final Thoughts

Intacct KPIs Have No Limit

The Top KPI for Nonprofit Organizations?


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