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Travel Expense Management and Accounting Integration Infographic

Travel Expense Management and Accounting Integration Infographic

What is the one of the top concerns for organizations? Here’s a hint: It’s one of the most uncontrollable costs, one that takes a lot of time to manage, and one that results in low visibility, erroneous manual processes, little control, and a lot of spreadsheets… and receipts.

Business travel, for many organizations, continues to cut into an organization’s margins, not only by forcing those on the road to come back to report their expenses, but for those in the back office who have to strain their eyes looking at receipts, tallying up the numbers, entering them into a spreadsheet, troubleshooting, uploading the numbers to accounting, and finally reimbursing the employee for his or her travel expenses. It’s a struggle, but efficient travel expense management applications have made expensing and approving business travel easier than ever.

To address how far travel expense management software has come, we recently shared with you five levels of expense management maturity, building from the lowest level of paper- or spreadsheet-based reporting, all the way up to intelligent/predictive TEM, and all of the steps in between. Further, we shared with you what Gartner analysts had to say about the TEM software industry, and how localization is the key to an international TEM software’s success.

Presenting: The Value of TEM and Accounting Integration with ExpenseConnect

Today, however, we’d like to introduce you to a game-changer—integration, that brings your TEM and accounting software closer, and why it matters for organizations looking to simplify further your job by auto-populating data from TEM in your accounting software, allowing you to approve, pay back, and account for a travel expense—all in one easy step.

Learn More: ExpenseConnect for Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics

ExpenseConnect has made life easier for hundreds of businesses looking to cut into the onerous task of managing the back end of business travel expenses. Customized to flow in line with your business needs, Expense Connect provides integration between Concur Expense and GP, or Concur Expense and Intacct.

Used by companies in a variety of industries—from nonprofit to Major League Baseball team, learn more about some of the success stories by reading the following case studies and resources:

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