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Sage Intacct FAQ: Recurring Bills, Journal Entries, and More Not Posting on Scheduled Date?

Sage Intacct FAQ: Recurring Bills, Journal Entries, and More Not Posting on Scheduled Date?

Recently, some Intacct users have reported issues with recurring bills, journal entries, etc. not posting on their next scheduled date.  This is likely an issue with the Scheduled Jobs being set to “Off”.

Make Sure Scheduled Jobs is On

The Scheduled Jobs option controls all scheduled jobs, including recurring transactions, scheduled reports, and renewal templates.  Scheduled jobs run daily and transactions post on the next execution date.

To turn on Scheduled Jobs, navigate to Company > Company Info.

Sage Intacct Scheduled Jobs

Click on Edit and stay on the General Information tab.

Recurring Bills Entries with Scheduled Jobs

Scroll down to the Global Settings section, and turn on Scheduled Jobs.

Turning on Scheduled Jobs in Sage Intacct

Click Save.

Setting up Recurring Entries with Scheduled Jobs

Note: If Scheduled Jobs was set to “Off” and you turned this “On”, then all the recurring transactions that did not generate can be edited and saved to take up the new settings and run. If a recurring transaction needs to run for a prior period and that period is closed, you will receive an error message.

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