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Two Executives Share Their Journey to Streamlined, Automated Financial Integration

Two Executives Share Their Journey to Streamlined, Automated Financial Integration

Concur Live WebcastManual processes—especially in travel, expense, and invoice processing—are not only laborious and time consuming, they’re dangerous. The more hands on the processing, the more risk you assume. A misplaced decimal could cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars—not to mention possible loss of job.

But even if you’re part of the handful of people have never made a mistake in processing expense or invoice data, consider this: It could be costing you nearly five times as much and taking you twice as long as companies labeled ‘leaders’ by Aberdeen Research.

This is why we would like to share with you the story of two companies that were able to streamline their process, secure their data, and minimize time to approval.

Join Brittenford Systems and Concur Technologies on May 27 as we speak with Braam du Plooy, Controller at Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau and Aaron Back, Information Technology Systems at Gorilla Glue, both of whom simplified financial processes with Concur.

Titled Eliminate Manual Processes with Financial Integration, attendees will learn about Concur, Brittenford, and the connector that’s making the lives of financial professionals across the nation easier.

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In this brief webcast, we will demonstrate:

  • The Challenges that faced Gorilla Glue and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Each respective company’s move to automation and integration
  • The results (Spoiler: They saved time and money—how much? You’ll have to attend)
  • A brief demo of Concur, as well as the award-winning integration that’s pushing cost savings into overdrive.
  • Answers to any questions you may have

The webcast will also feature Michele Leung from Concur, along with Matt Rowley and Michelle Starkey, COO and Account Executive at Brittenford Systems who will describe the benefits of using this integration tool with details on how it could work for your company.

Join us for Eliminate Manual Processes with Financial Integration on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 1:00 PM EDT so that you can learn more about improving finance through streamlined integration and secure automation.

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