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Two-Time Award Winner: Brittenford’s Rise to the Top of the Concur App Center

Two-Time Award Winner: Brittenford’s Rise to the Top of the Concur App Center

ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect Partner of the YearWhen a business wants to minimize error prone and time-consuming manual processes in accounting, it generally upgrades its ERP software. When said business wants to gain visibility into spending, it seeks out a capable expense management or invoice management software (or both).

With growing businesses doing this each day, upgrading ERP and expense/invoice management software, there was a problem for many of these businesses. The problem? Although each platform worked together, the two would not transfer information securely and automatically.

That is why in 2013, Brittenford released ExpenseConnect to connect Concur Travel and Expense Management to either Intacct or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

ExpenseConnect answered the question, “How can I avoid manually transferring travel and expense data from Concur to my accounting or financial management software?”

The release was an immediate success, winning Brittenford the 2014 Concur App Center of the Year.

Businesses wanted to save even more time and money, and that’s where we fit in. From SaaS project management software to Major League Baseball team, finance teams everywhere loved ExpenseConnect.

Apparently, fulfilling a gap in the market with a groundbreaking product works. Why? Because we just won again. Brittenford Systems is now a two-time Concur App Center Partner of the Year winner—not bad when the App Center has only been around for three years.

But we’re not finished. In April 2015, we introduced a new product, InvoiceConnect, to help businesses securely and automatically connect Concur Invoice with either Microsoft Dynamics GP or Intacct Cloud Accounting.

Will we continue to help businesses whose finance teams are overworked and in need of simplicity, secure automation, and peace of mind? That’s what we’re here for.

Brittenford Systems is excited to receive Concur App Center Partner of the Year recognition once again, and wants to help your business. Learn more about each software below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

Intacct Users

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