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Step-By-Step Vendor Approval Workflow in Sage Intacct

Step-By-Step Vendor Approval Workflow in Sage Intacct

How often do you add new or update vendors in Sage Intacct?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to approve them so they don’t slip through the cracks when they need to be put on hold or don’t pay?  Create awareness and better controls of your payables by utilizing this simple, yet valuable feature.

Let’s get started!

  1. Create new vendor

  2. Vendor Approval Workflow in Sage Intacct

  3. In the additional info tab, click on “On hold” and “Don’t pay.”

  4. Vendor Approval Step by step in Sage Intacct

  5. In the Workflow Status tab, there are custom fields; user who is adding the new vendor can select Vendor Status as “New-For Review”, their name in the Last Created/Updated By field and the date created.

  6. Sage Intacct Vendor Approval

  7. Optional; the user can tag the approver in Intacct Collaborate so that the approver gets an email notification saying they need to approve this vendor.

  8. Save the vendor; Since the vendor is on hold and marked for Don’t pay, you cannot process bills and payments for the Vendor.

  9. The approver can create a view or Dashboard component to show vendors for approval.

  10. Approving a Vendor in Sage Intacct
    How to Approve a Vendor in Sage Intacct

  11. The approver can then open the Vendor in Edit mode from the List and review the Vendor; once approved, go to the Additional information tab to take Vendor off of “On hold” and “Don’t pay status.”

  12. Step by Step Guide to Approving a Vendor in Sage Intacct

  13. Click on Vendor Status to select “New-Approved” and enter “Last Approved by” and Last Approved Date:

  14. Guide: Approving a Vendor in Sage Intacct

      • Optional; the approver can tag the user in Intacct Collaborate so that the user gets an email notification saying their vendor has been approved.

      • The approver can save the vendor record. The audit trail will show the workflow status changes.  The user highlighted in yellow would really be the approver, but I had to test under my login ID for both steps.

    How to Approve Vendors in Sage Intacct

  15. This vendor would then fall out of the Vendor for Approval List and Dashboard component.

  16. The same workflow can be applied for updates, but the Status “Updated-For Review” and “Updated-Approved” can be used instead.  “Updated-For Review” status will pull the vendor into the View and Dashboard for the list of vendors for approval.

  17. With additional SmartRules, we can make sure the user checks On hold and Don’t pay with a status of “New-For Review” or “Updated-For Review”, and the approver unchecks On hold and Don’t pay with the status of “New-Approved” or “Updated-Approved”.

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