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Webcast: Top Five Problems Every CFO Needs to Solve in FP&A

Webcast: Top Five Problems Every CFO Needs to Solve in FP&A

The role of the Chief Financial Officer continues to evolve, and for many in the finance department, this means that C-Suite hopefuls and those already in the boardroom need to develop new skills and focuses if they hope to succeed. In addition to this, those on the business side expect information to flow faster, provide more accuracy and detail, and leverage more background information for decision making. How can you work to satisfy the needs of finance and business professionals?

While improved processes and technologies are only one part of the finance transformation equation, many in finance have found them to be one of, if not the most important parts of finance transformation. In this, finance pros are turning to software able to handle the needs of the modern business, selecting financial planning and analysis (FP&A) software that can simplify processes, enhance collaboration, and shorten planning times.

As you look at these options, we would like to invite you to an April 24 webinar featuring experts in planning, budgeting, and finance who will discuss the top five business challenges able to be tackled by intuitive and user friendly FP&A software.

April 24: The Top 5 Problems Every CFO Needs to Solve within FP&A

With the CFO’s role expanding to provide value-added services, including strategic planning; maintaining trust in the numbers; and collaboratively drive the company through uncertain times, it’s a constant search to relieve those additional pressures on the Finance team.

That’s when financial planning and analysis (FP&A) can play a much larger role.

Jacquie Fossett and Tony Cantor of Wipfli LLP, one of the nation’s top 20 accounting firms, will discuss the top 5 FP&A problems CFOs experience and how they can deal with them to improve their FP&A functions. Addressing these challenges positions your Finance team to help your organization succeed through timely financial insights, analysis, and reporting.

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