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What Can You Learn from Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Series?

What Can You Learn from Microsoft’s Modern Workplace Series?

Microsoft Modern WorkplaceFor enterprise users, there is a deluge of information surrounding the who’s who, and the what’s happening in the world of large organizations, but Microsoft, in their recent efforts, has capitalized on the ‘how to succeed in the enterprise world’ portion. How? Simple. Throughout the last few months, Microsoft has introduced its “Modern Workplace” series, covering the pertinent topics needed to succeed in today’s technology-driven businesses.

Modern Workplace Series

Including a monthly series of webcasts, success stories, and featured speakers, the Modern Workplace series answers many of the questions that users and executives may have about today’s topics at the intersection of technology and business.

As a Microsoft Partner, Brittenford Systems is pleased to introduce you to this series and provide a brief overview of each of the webcasts shown so far.

Episode 1: Innovation in Business

Keeping up with innovation is a key for any business to thrive. Always looking to be on the cutting edge, innovative companies need to embrace change while looking for new opportunities. In this episode, Microsoft brings in speakers including Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway; Ekaterina Walter, who covers the role of innovation in business; and Stuart Jenkins, who talks about risk and how to ‘reset your expectation’ to succeed.

Specific Chapters include the following:

  • Innovate or Die: Ekaterina Walter describes how companies can create a culture of innovation by empowering their people to take risks.
  • Embrace Risk: Stuart Jenkins describes the 3-pronged approach that Deckers Brands uses to engage all employees in innovation projects.
  • Turning Ideas into Action: Dean Kamen on what inspires innovation, why failure is important, and how to turn ideas into action.
  • What’s New in Innovation: See how Skype Translator breaks down language barriers and how Azure Machine Learning will change predictive analytics.

For more information, including additional resources and videos, check out Episode 1 of the Modern Workplace Series.

Episode 2: Social in the Enterprise

Social is key in business today. Having a good strategy, however, is critically complex. Building a network within and outside your business can help you to become a leader in the digital era.

This episode features Maria Bartiromo, the first journalist ever to report live from the floor of the NY Stock Exchange; Gary Vaynerchuk, author and social networking expert; Charlene Li, author and social consultant; and Andy Sernovitz, a leader in the word-of-mouth marketing movement.

Chapters in this episode include the following:

  • Social Strategy Fundamentals: Learn about the fundamentals of social networking and the 5 key tools necessary for successful internal social strategies.
  • Enterprise Social Advantages: Find out how companies can use enterprise social to their advantage and hear about a real-world example from Red Robin.
  • Why Social is Crucial: Discover why social is crucial and learn how one innovative solution, Office Graph, can help you map relationships.

This episode provides additional resources and videos, and you can learn more about success in the social enterprise here.

Episode 3: How Millennials Are Changing Business

Millennials, the most talked about topic in business (until Generation Z pops up). Set to make up 50% of the workplace by 2020, modern businesses need to learn more about the group and how to attract and retain these individuals.

In this episode, Ben Rattray, Change.org, reveals what organizations need to do right now to create a culture that empowers millennials to work the way they like to work. David Burstein, author, explains how millennials work differently and why businesses must shift to support this new generation’s speedy and collaborative work style. And Asha Sharma, Porch.com, describes how businesses can attract and retain top millennial talent.

See more about the millennial employee and how to operate your business in the deluge of tech-connected employees in Episode 3 of Modern Workplace.

Episode 4: Ten Takeaways for Business

Combining technology and business is imperative for businesses competitiveness. In this episode, Microsoft features 10 tips on succeeding in the modern business. From embracing social to setting measurable goals, our countdown will help you turn insights into smart decisions. Find out how steps like empowering your employees, increasing transparency, and providing collaboration tools can help move your company forward faster.

See the Episode 4 Page for more information.

Episode 5: The Internet of Things

With 1.9 billion devices connected today and an estimated 50 billion by 2020, the opportunity to gain efficiencies, enable innovation and increase agility through connected devices is massive.

Watch Modern Workplace to find out how your company can leverage the Internet of Things to transform your business.

Learn more about Microsoft’s take on the internet of things, including how it can help you stay ahead of competition, why now is better than later, and how you can use it to improve innovation. See more here.

Episode 6: Cybersecurity

Everyone’s talking about security (we will be doing so as well). With ever-evolving cyber threats, cybersecurity has moved from a server room issue to a boardroom issue. Now, more than ever before, businesses need to know how to implement strategies and adopt tools to address their vulnerabilities.

Watch Modern Workplace to hear from top security experts about what you can do to keep your business safe against cyberattacks. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit and how they work with global law enforcement agencies to fight cybercrime.

View Microsoft’s take on Cybersecurity here, and learn more from Brittenford Systems on protecting company data here.

Episode 7: Globalization of the Workforce

Tomorrow’s Episode will cover the globalization of the workplace and how to succeed. View the teaser video below and click here to register.

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