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What Can Your First Apartment Teach You about Finance Software?

What Can Your First Apartment Teach You about Finance Software?

Outgrowing Accounging SoftwareDo you remember your first place out of college? Of course you do. Leaky pipes, no air conditioning, noisy neighbors; but it was the perfect post grad location. It was yours, your pillar of autonomy, and you lived there even with the issues.

But time changes everything. You made more money, you grew professionally, and you started to notice that this once-coveted location was no longer the right fit for you. The issues got worse, you saw your friends moving into nicer places than you, and essentially you decided that it was time you moved on to bigger and better things.

Much like the professional and residential development, the same goes for our accounting and financial management software. You started with something perfect for you at the time. It was cheap, it worked, and you knew your way around the minor issues.

Then your business grew (and grew, and grew). You traded price for increased labor in processing, and the issues reared their ugly head in the most inopportune moments.

Just as you began to realize the signs that your apartment was no longer the right fit for you, now is the time to realize the warning signs that you’ve outgrown your accounting system—before it’s too late.

If your organization is experiencing any of the following:

  • Too many manual processes
  • Overly dependent on spreadsheets
  • Inadequate project and financial reporting
  • Wasting time finding data, rather than analyzing it
  • Lack of integration of accounting information with other business systems
  • Costly system maintenance
  • Limited ability to adapt to support growth

Then you need to join us on Wednesday, June 24 at 2:00 PM EDT for Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting System, in which presenter Brian Dietz, President of Brittenford Systems, will share with you (as promised) the signs that your accounting system can no longer keep up with your business needs, as well as the steps to fix it.

This presentation received rave reviews from attendees (likely your competitors) who attended the live event earlier this month. Now we have the opportunity to learn what those attendees learned in a short, one-hour webcast.

Learn more by registering for Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting System now!


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