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What Does It Mean to Buy with Confidence?

What Does It Mean to Buy with Confidence?

Buying Financial ManagementOne of the most, if not the absolute most important of your business is the financial management. Especially in the wake of data breaches, zero-day attacks, and exposed security flaws; it takes more and more product depth for businesses to put trust into said product.

Which brings up an interesting point. Traditional platforms and pre-packaged financial management software rarely offer guarantees. Why?

Confidence in Financial Management

Many providers skirt the issue, write ambiguous Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) that provide little in guarantees, or spend little time keeping up with customers on updates or changes. These three things are some of the most cited complaints that growing businesses make about software providers.

Not Intacct. Through its vast network of customer service advocates, value-added resellers, and employees; Intacct offers full transparency, availability, security, and reliability—without IT headaches.

Promised Uptime, Exceeding that Promise

No matter when you work; morning, noon, or midnight; you want software that’s up with you. This critical consideration makes for the cornerstone of the Intacct guarantee—99.8% uptime promised.

But 99.8% wasn’t good enough for Intacct. Exceeding the promise, Intacct spent the previous year running at 99.988% uptime (via Intacct System Status). To put that in perspective, we estimate the following:

  • 10.5 Seconds Downtime per Day
  • 5.25 Minutes Downtime per Month
  • 63 Minutes Downtime per Year

63 Minutes per Year. That’s less than the daily round-trip commute for most D.C. Area Residents. But think of an even more trustworthy promise. If Intacct uptime ever drops below the promised 99.8% uptime, you will receive an AvailabilityPlus subscription credit of 10% for each point below the availability promise.

Data Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

No one likes to think of it, but everyone needs to talk about it. What happens in a disaster? Not only is the Intacct data center a Fortune 100-Class data center in San Jose, CA; Intacct runs a separate center in co-located, seismically neutral Sacramento, CA location run by Herakles (a QTS Company).

In the unlikely event that both centers are physically harmed, all information is protected by another disaster recovery feature. This guarantee goes even further to provide that you will never lose more than two hours of work.

You are welcome to look at the full list of features of Intacct Security and Application Availability here.


You are trusting valuable business data with Intacct. The company wants to keep you informed regarding any changes that come into play. Therefore, Intacct will keep you informed in case of any of the following:

  • Changes to System Availability
  • A Quarterly view of 6 month product release roadmap and immediate notification of delays to that roadmap.
  • New features will be announced on user home page and via quarterly newsletter
  • Scheduled Maintenance Notifications posted on the homepage
  • Extended maintenance notifications via email.

Product and Service Quality

A company’s word is rarely trusted. But Intacct stands by its commitment to provide high quality products and services.

For Products, Intacct will provide you a product that operates as described in the documentation. Further, Intacct will provide you with a clear explanation of priority updates and the timeline for resolution.

For Services, Intacct proves its worth through the fact that the company compensates employees based on the satisfaction of the customers. Think that’s not good motivation to make your business happy?

Your Data, Your Ownership, Forever

Some companies, once you sign on, claim ownership to your data. Not Intacct. If you choose to leave, not only will Intacct allow it, they will help you get your data out of the systems.

Keeping Promises, Communicating important information, and protecting your data; things that are built to preserve trust and satisfy customers. This is the Intacct Buy with Confidence Guarantee.

Through internal departments and Value-Added Resellers like Brittenford Systems, Intacct continues to provide a best-in-class financial management platform that has provided optimal satisfaction to thousands of customers. Go ahead, give it a try with a 30 day free trial. Looking for more? Ready to make the jump? Contact Brittenford Systems, a Washington DC area reseller at 703.860.6945 or by filling out our contact form.


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