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What is the True Definition of a Value-Added Reseller?

What is the True Definition of a Value-Added Reseller?

What is a VAR?At Brittenford Systems, a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), we know the definition and importance of VARs providing services to businesses. But outside the world of value-added software and services, people aren’t searching for the term Value-Added Reseller.

Defining VAR

Unless you are creating the software sold, managed, and improved upon; or a company competing to make the top 100 VARs (We’re 93rd on Accounting Today and 89th on Bob Scott’s Insights), you’re not searching for the phrase Washington D.C. Area VAR.

We respect that. But we also hope we can teach you what the VA means in VAR. The dictionary definition (according to TechTarget Search IT Channel) of Value-Added Reseller (VAR) is as follows:

“In the computer and other industries, a VAR (value-added reseller) is a company that takes an existing product, adds its own ‘value’ usually in the form of a specific application for the product (for example, a special computer application), and resells it.”

Quite the cynical definition. Let’s try the version from Techopedia:

“A value added reseller (VAR) is an independent business or vendor employed to enhance original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product. VARs purchase OEM product to provide turnkey and/or customized solutions to end users.”

Yet this definition fails to truly capture the true definition of what Brittenford Systems does for clients. Compare this to our mission.

Brittenford Systems is a nationally recognized consulting firm that specializes in delivering financial management and business intelligence solutions as well as CIO Advisory Services to mid-market companies. Based in the Washington, DC area, we help our clients leverage technology solutions to improve business processes and productivity, reduce operational costs, and get timely financial information so they can run their businesses more efficiently.

Definitely a clearer definition. Through Client Service, Teamwork, Clarity, and Learning; we manage and exceed expectations, work together, find unseen solutions, and continuously learn. But what does this mean?

Refining the Definition of VAR

We are not the only one who took a deeper look into the true definition of VAR. As part of the Accounting Today Top 100 VAR report, an article looked deeper into the VAR definition. Many individuals also feel that the VAR definition sells short what value-added resellers provide.

Three highlighted ideas to replace the VAR term were Partner, Solutions Provider, and Professional Knowledge Base.

These ideas, although quixotic, help to provide more insight into the true value that comes with value-added. But the term ‘reseller’ is still limiting. The sale is only the beginning of the relationship. A recent blog from ERP Software blog highlights things every good reseller does to put the Value-Added in Value-Added Reseller:

  1. Draw a project plan for the implementation of the new software
  2. Assign a project manager
  3. Configure the Chart of Accounts
  4. Configure the software to the client’s specs
  5. Use a test environment to make sure that everything is working before the go live
  6. Train all of the personnel in the varied roles they play
  7. Provide continued support and training
  8. Consistent and Regular Communication
  9. Celebrate successes
  10. Help them grow
  11. Add new features to their system as needed
  12. Establish a relationship as a trusted advisor

There you have it. An overview of the value-added in value-added reseller. We welcome you to read more about the value we do provide by reading our case studies, learning about our history, and rethinking the term VAR.

Rethink and Meet the True VAR

Brittenford Systems, a Washington D.C. area provider of installation, training continued support, and much, much more for everything your business needs to run efficiently: Financial Management, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Travel and Expense, and integrations that make your business life easier.

Learn more about what we offer, add your own opinion on the value of Value-Added, and contact us for more information.


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