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What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (Part 1)

What’s New in Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (Part 1)

With each new core release of Dynamics GP, the company often follows up its initial release of the product with the R2 version soon after. Long ago, this was considered one of the more important dates for companies considering an update to a GP product (along with the Service Pack 1 Release), the new Microsoft release schedule allows for more rapid bug fixes that render the traditional “wait for stability” mentality a thing of the past.

This said, the R2 update has always been one of the best ways for Microsoft to add value to an already powerful product by leveraging user input to improve the product. 2018 R2 is no different, bringing users dozens of new features and functionality, creating new workflows, and simplifying the way that business is run. As always, we like to take a look at all of the biggest new features added to the new GP platform, summarizing the Microsoft Feature of the Day Blogs so you have all the information available in one place.

The R2 Update looks to build on the strong showing from GP 2018, a topic we covered in detail during a three-part series and a webcast released last November (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). Today, we will discuss five new features released in GP 2018 R2: Monthly Recurring Batches,

Monthly Recurring Batches

Used in Monthly Recurring Batches for Receivables, Payables, and Inventory, Monthly Recurring Batches makes it easier to handle months of varying length. In this, GP has added a new checkbox called ‘Use last day of the month’ for Monthly and Bimonthly batches.

When marked it will automatically set the posting date to the last day of the month. So, if the batch below is posted the next posting date would be set to May 31. This will remove headaches and allow users to avoid an annoyance that occurs multiple times per year.

Monthly Recurring Batches GP 2018 R2

Sales Transaction Workflow

GP has continued to redevelop workflows to benefit users at companies. Introducing Workflow 4.0 in GP 2018, 2018 R2 expands Workflows into Sales Transactions. In general, Workflows have been a major improvement over the years, and have saved hours upon hours for companies.

Sales Transaction Workflow has been added as a new workflow in Workflow Maintenance. Not only can you set workflow approval on customer credit limits but you can set workflow approvals on all transaction types in Sales Transaction Entry. We added a new email message to work with sales transactions, just like the other workflow types. Workflow history is displayed in inquiry windows too.

Sales Transaction Workflow New in GP 2018 R2

Display Vendor Hold Status

While an earlier version introduced the “display customer hold status” users found that feature so helpful that they requested it for vendors as well. By adding this status to Vendor Inquiry, Transactions by Vendor, Purchasing All-in-One View, and Payables Transaction Entry Zoom, users will now receive a warning if they attempt to process a transaction with a vendor.

New Features Dynamics GP R2 2018 Vendor Hold Status 1

Additionally, when a vendor is on hold, warning message will also pop-up in the Payables Transaction Entry window.

Vendor Hold Message Payables Transaction Entry window GP 2018 R2

Option to Hide Business Analyzer for All Users

For some companies, Business Analyzer is a purpose-built function that makes certain users’ jobs easier. For others who don’t use it, the Business Analyzer menu on the home page and navigation list pages is clutter. Now Administrators can now hide Business Analyzer on both the Home Page and on Navigation List pages with these two new options.

These are global settings to make it easier to turn off the feature if companies are not using Business Analyzer. Additionally, GP 2018 R2 also allows individual users the ability to turn on Business Analyzer using customize options.

Print and email SOP documents at the same time & Print invoice in functional from SOP Navigation List

The final feature we will discuss today is another ease of use feature—the ability to Print and E-mail Sales Order Processing documents at the same time. In previous editions, users needed to email documents before printing. In GP 2018 R2, the software allows users to simply tick another box to complete both tasks at the same time.

In the Sales Document Print Options window, you can now select Print Document and Send Document in E-mail at the same time. Before you had to e-mail the documents and then print the remaining but now you can do both at the same time.

Sales Order Processing Print and Email New in GP 2018 R2

Learn More: Microsoft Dynamics GP for Your Business

Dynamics GP has been around for decades and continues to make improvements based on customer requests and market trends. We invite you to learn more about our work with the product, the new features in GP 2018, and our proprietary integrations for SAP Concur and Dynamics GP. Ready to learn more? Contact us using this form or by dropping us a line at sales@brittenford.com.


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