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What’s New in the Host Analytics Summer18 Release?

What’s New in the Host Analytics Summer18 Release?

At Wipfli, we like to keep our customers and the community up to date with all of the latest from the companies we work with, and the Host Analytics updates are always intriguing. As the company continues its journey to satisfy a broadening customer base in need of a bigger range of features, the updates have become bigger and more focused.

Whether it’s the official rollout of Host Analytics MyPlan during the spring, the new capabilities provided by Host Dashboards in the fall, or the hundreds of capabilities rolled out in Winter18 or any other past updates (which you can view in our archives), the company has kept pushing the product to new limits, releasing four new products and 175 enhancements in the past year.

Looking at the Summer18 release, Host Analytics did not disappoint. Announced on August 21, 2018, the update includes nearly 40 new innovations and enhancements designed to make customers faster, more successful, and more effective.

“We spend a lot of time listening to our customers and working with their teams to understand what really matters, and then we give it to them. Financial teams and budget owners have never had the power and flexibility offered by Host Analytics,” said Dave Kellogg, CEO of Host Analytics. “Our Summer 2018 release validates how we’re pioneering new ways to make finance a faster, more strategic, and more dynamic part of every enterprise.”

Top new features and enhancements in the Summer18 release include the following:

  • More powerful financial modeling in Host Analytics Modeling –Among the biggest enhancements include improvements to performance and scalability, enabling financial teams to build more models and calculations using larger and more complex data sets, while doing it faster than ever before.
  • New dynamic presentation and reporting of financial information with Spotlight for Office –Expanded reporting powers, eliminating the painstaking time and effort of copying and pasting financial information into Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint reports and presentations.
  • Customizable interface in Host Analytics MyPlan –Increased flexibility to match the needs of more, and more diverse, business users.
  • Faster and more granular drill-through reporting in Host Analytics Dynamic Reports –In addition to the existing ability to drill back to transaction and translation details, you now can drill to understand additional details associated with your Planning and Consolidation data including Workforce Planning employee details, Capital Planning asset detail, as well as all the details behind any budget or forecast number.
  • More flexibility and ease-of-use in Host Analytics Planning Templates –Increased customization within templates, making them more meaningful to budget owners. The release also included new data filters to speed the isolation of important line items for specific activities, plus robust new seeding capabilities.
  • Enhanced usability and controls during consolidation Ability to upload of journal entries in bulk, saving time and providing added flexibility to month-end consolidation processes.

Learn more about the update from their press release and read more about the product here.

Learn more about Host Analytics and the Value of EPM

At Wipfli, we bought into the power of Host Analytics for its budgeting, planning, and reporting capabilities when we began to work with the company in the first half of this decade. We believe in the transformative power of the software in making everything from planning to closing to strategy easier for organizations of all sizes, and if you want to learn even more, we invite you to download our EPM playbook.

If Finance is going to embrace the challenges of 2017 and beyond, it will have to do it with a solid strategy and understanding about the environment, along with opportunities both inside and outside of the department. To that end, we have identified six components of a finance organization playbook, along with a solution that can manage the process—enterprise performance management (EPM). Download the entire guide to EPM here.


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