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What’s New in Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1

What’s New in Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1

What's New in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1 has been released and is loaded with lots of new features and functionality. One of the most popular new features that everyone is talking about is Business Analyzer which includes 30+ pre-defined financial and project reports. In addition, with the new Quick Query SSRS Report Generation Wizard, users will be able to create their own reports to view in Business Analyzer.

And with Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1, users will finally be able to suppress Batch Control Reports by module as well as restrict Hard Close by module.

But these are just a few of the new features. Jeff Suwyn, who leads product marketing efforts for Microsoft Dynamics SL, will be demonstrating these and many more.

To download the complete presentation click here.

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