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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2

After November’s release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, many were waiting on the release of the R2 pack to see how Microsoft responded to customer requests and improved functionality. This release, highlighted in the GP roadmap at Convergence, was made available earlier this month.

What’s new in GP 2015 R2? A lot.

Highlighted as a daily feature on the Dynamics Community blog “Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP,” author Pam Misialek drilled into the top new features requested by users and added by Microsoft.

Among the new features highlighted were the following:

  • Purchasing All-in-one Document Viewer: A Purchasing All-in-One View window is available for locating vendor records and displaying related purchasing documents in the same window. You can use the Purchasing All-in-One View window to select that vendor and then view all documents related to the payment, such as the purchase order, receipt, invoice, credits, miscellaneous charges and finance charges, and payment to assist you in responding to the vendor’s inquiries.
  • Workflow—Accounts Payable Transaction Approval: The Payables Transaction Approval workflow type will allow you to submit and approve each transaction in the Payables Transaction Entry window.  Approval is also available through the email notification and the navigation lists. This is in addition to the PM Batch approval, still available as well. Read more on the Microsoft Blog
  • Workflow—Document Attach: When a document has been added to a transaction or record using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Document Attachment feature, these attachments can now be sent with the workflow task notification email.
  • Analytical Accounting Transaction Lists: SmartLists and Excel reports for Analytical Accounting have been enhanced to show more of the data that’s stored in Analytical Accounting. In addition the readability of the reports has been improved by listing the code values for each dimension in a separate column.
  • Self Service User Type: A self-service user type is added in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release. Self-service type users can perform a specific set of tasks that include entering hours, recording time spent on projects and or related expenses, or creating a requisition.
  • Employees Self Service – W2: Employees can now view and print their own W-2 statements. In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2, this functionality is now available as part of Time Management self-service.
  • Combine General Ledger Inquiry – Historical and Current Year lookup: This feature consolidates information that was previously displayed in the Historical Summary Inquiry and Historical Account Summary Inquiry windows into a single window.
  • SQL View Designer: Within SmartList Designer a user can send a SmartList through workflow to create a SQL view based on the SmartList query.  One active workflow will need to be setup in order for the SQL view to go through the approval process.  SmartList workflows will be setup under the Administration series within the Workflow Maintenance window.
  • SmartLists Display Debits then Credits: This feature moves the Debit column to display before the Credit column by default in account transaction reporting options in which the Credit column previously displayed before the Debit column. This applies to SmartLists and Excel Reports, as well as the database tables and views on which the reports are based.
  • Hide/Show SSN on Payroll & HR Reports: Feature will provide an option for payroll administrator to mask the employee social security numbers on a predefined list of payroll reports. See more about SSN Mask on Feature of the Day
  • Historical Received Not Invoiced Report: A new SSRS report shows what was received into inventory but not invoiced, as of a date you specify. The cutoff date can be either the transaction date or the General Ledger posting date.
  • Auto Deposit Cash Receipts in Bank Reconciliation: You can now choose to have cash receipts directly update the checkbook balance without manually posting the cash receipt deposit in Bank Reconciliation.
  • Sales Visual Indicator for Customer Over Credit Limit: A common issue for a sales organization involves managing the accounts of customers whose purchases have exceeded their credit limit. It is now possible for sales representatives to receive a warning when a customer has exceeded their limit
  • Scriptable Provisioning & Management: In scriptable provisioning a number of PowerShell cmdlets are added, which make automated provisioning easier. Tasks that should be automated in a cloud offering include the provisioning of a new customer, configuring existing customers, upgrading of customers to a new version, and removing customers. APIs and PowerShell cmdlets allow you to automate or script GP provisioning and management. Automation will speed up delivery and minimize human involvement.
  • Time Management App: Microsoft Dynamics Timecard Management App provides a platform where you can view, and update your timecards without starting Microsoft Dynamics GP. You can enter vacation and sick time, and submit your timecard to your manager, all from the app loaded on your personal computer or tablet device.

For more information on the updates, check out the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog, The Feature of the Day OneDrive folder, and download the entire Dynamics GP Features and Benefits Guide from Brittenford.

For even more information, join us on July 29 for ‘What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015,’ in which our newest employee will highlight some of the latest enhancements and how it makes your life easier.


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