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What’s New in Sage Intacct in Q2 2018? Release Notes and Elevate Invitation

What’s New in Sage Intacct in Q2 2018? Release Notes and Elevate Invitation

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a best-in-class software like Sage Intacct? Robust quarterly updates. We’ve discussed why these help businesses get what they need in many of our blogs, but this is a key advantage of best-in-class software, as developers can focus more on specific, user-focused improvements than on patches and minor changes spread across a monolithic suite.

Updates in the Q2 2018 Sage Intacct Update

The documentation shows that the newest features and improvements have built on the already-strong product to provide enhancements for everything from accounts payable to workflows, and everything in between. While we will discuss and answer questions on many of the newest features at an upcoming webinar, here are some of the top improvements to the platform in the Q2 2018 release.

  • Accounts Payable: Updates to this functionality highlight the ability to streamline the workflow for merging payments, merging draft payments for the same vendor and using vendor pay to contact when merging said payments.
  • Administration: Top administrative enhancements include an advanced audit trail, GDPR readiness, the ability to track offline jobs with Queue Administration, and enhanced data control.
  • Continued Contract Improvements: With ASC 606 coming closer to reality every day, Sage Intacct has continued making enhancements to the contract functionality. Control the timing of contract bookings, revenue recognition, and renewals. Key features include the ability to defer revenue recognition until performance obligations are met, define when a contract line should book, and convert revenue and expense schedules from manual to automatic as of a selected date.
  • Customization and Platform Services: Improved error checking means new requirements in Smart Events, Smart Rules, Smartlink Clicks, Smartlink Fetches.
  • Global Consolidations: With this release, our old UI no longer supports Global Consolidation; in fact, you won’t even find it in the menu. Global Consolidation exists solely in the new Action UI with exciting new GC features and enhancements.
  • Project Improvements: New project improvements include the addition of “save as draft” functionality for project managers and the renaming of timesheet/resource management to Timesheet Inquiry and Resource Capacity.
  • Nonprofit Financial Board Book: Get instant insight into your not-for-profit organization’s financial health and viability with this set of key metric dashboards powered by GuideStar, the world’s leading source of nonprofit information. We discussed this here and here.
  • Financial Graphs by Timeline: See expanded, direct comparisons by timeline on your financial graphs. Instead of expanded periods, each portion (month, year, and so on) of a period appears next to the same portion for other periods.
  • Workflow Improvements: Among the improvements, you be able to configure purchasing to use a “deliver to” address to calculate tax, apply different tax rates in a single transaction, and apply different subtotals depending on where the transaction was created.

Additional improvements to the user experience, web services, and more were discussed in the release notes and developer blog. However, the best way to learn more about the improvements is to join us on June 13 for an upcoming webinar on how to take your Sage Intacct use further.

Join Us for Elevate Your Sage Intacct Q2

It is time for our next webinar as part of our Sage Intacct Elevation series for 2018! Sage Intacct users looking for ways to fully utilize their solution in order to improve and simplify tough business challenges should attend these free quarterly webinars. Join Wipfli on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT for our Sage Intacct Elevation webinar for Q2 2018.

In this webinar, technology experts Rebecca Hurst, Tony Cantor, and Harmon Perry will discuss the update and give you advice on expanding and enhancing the software. Among the topics to be discussed:

  • Sage Intacct Quarterly Release: Rebecca Hurst will lead the conversation with a review of the new Q2 release features. Highlights will include Advanced Audit Trail, Action UI, Global Consolidations, Inventory Control, and Accounts Payable.
  • Financial Planning & Analysis: Tony Cantor will discuss the top FP&A problems CFOs experience and how these can be overcome including FP&A Tiers of Applications, Planning and Forecasting, Financial Reporting, and Financial Consolidations. You will also receive information about a complimentary giveaway.
  • Consultant Spotlight: As Business Development Account Manager, Harmon Perry is the ‘go-to’ for customers looking for information on financial systems, process improvements, third party modules, and any additional Wipfli service offerings.

Click here to Register for our Q2 Sage Intacct Elevation Webinar, and get to know more about the platform by reading our other FAQs and tutorials below.

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