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What’s the Biggest Secret to Perfecting Project Management?

What’s the Biggest Secret to Perfecting Project Management?

We’ve all been there. A huge day, week, or month ahead for you and your team. Who’s doing what? When does everything need to be done? How is the team going to get there? A seemingly overwhelming mountain of tasks and an underwhelming plan to accomplish these.

This is where the elite rise and the average fail. But what’s the secret to becoming elite? Effective, perfected project management.

No matter the industry, every organization needs a plan, and a process to accomplish each plan.

Before we share with you the secret, we have a few questions:

  • Before a project launches, do you have workflows and checklists set up to ensure that said project gets done on time and under budget?
  • Are you and your team drowning in email chains that have narrowed to a nearly unreadable three-words-wide string?
  • Can you point out what resources are overloaded and underbooked?
  • Do you have lucid nightmares about updating Excel Spreadsheets with project statuses?
  • Can you manage a change in schedule without fighting a project meltdown?
  • When billing, can you easily pull project information (hours, resources, etc.) into your ERP system or other financial software?

Elite project organizations can answer these confidently. Can you?

If you’re struggling to answer these questions, or would just like to see how much better you could be, we would like to invite you to join us for a brief one-hour webcast on how one organization broke out of its project rut, and the software that got it to do so.

Secrets to Achieving Powerful Project Management

Scheduled for Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 11 A.M. EDT, Supercharge Your Project Management Processes will feature Cynthia West, VP of Sales and Marketing from Project Insight Project and Portfolio Management Software, as well as Natalie Divney, former Director of Project Management at a major New York advertising agency, who will share her organization’s move from disparity to visibility in projects.

Moderated by Shereen Mahoney, Chief Executive Officer at Brittenford Systems, we will highlight the following:

  • The Importance of Effective Project Management in Project Based Businesses
  • The Agency’s Move to Enhanced Project Visibility and Cost Savings
  • A Brief Overview of Project Insight Project and Portfolio Management Software

This is a can’t miss for organizations looking to make 2015 the year that they find peace and perfection in project management. Click Here to Register or fill out the form below.

About Project Insight

Project Insight, cloud project and portfolio management software, is designed for organizations that need a powerful solution for their project managers, yet is easy for team members to use. If you have outgrown your low-end project management software, or are tired of using Excel and white boards to manage your projects, but find high end PPM systems overkill for your needs, then chances are PI is just right for you!

How does Project Insight help companies uncover success in projects?

  • Assists organizations to increase efficiency and communication among their project teams
  • Empowers organizations to successfully manage different types of projects
  • Helps finance departments by efficiently integrating valuable information into your ERP system
  • Different roles call for different user experiences.  Explore intuitive ways to customize your dashboards, reports and more so that you can do your work, your way.
  • Accommodates Schedule changes in a snap. Discover how you can adjust your entire schedule in just a couple of clicks. Spend your time managing your projects, not your software.
  • Allows you to monitor and balance resource workloads across multiple projects by week, month and even year.
  • Centralizes and displays the most pertinent information to team members, allowing for improved communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Frees your team from ludicrously unreadable email strings by providing you the ability to choose how and where you want to be updated about changes.
  • Reduces bottlenecks by allowing your organization to set checklists and workflows before the project even starts.

Project managers in all organization shapes and sizes have learned that real project management starts with PI. Learn more by registering for Secrets to Achieving Powerful Project Management on July 28, and visiting their website for more details.


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