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Why Can’t I add a Dimension in Host Analytics?

Why Can’t I add a Dimension in Host Analytics?

At Brittenford, we’ve recently come across a lot of questions from current and potential customers on how to best use or learn about their investment in Host Analytics software. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you answers to frequently asked questions, as well as some tips and tricks to improving your business using the software. In our first article, we will share with you an answer to the question, “Why can’t I add a dimension in Host Analytics?”

Adding Dimensions in Host Analytics

I recently had a customer complain about not being able to add a segment value. She was trying to update the Segment Hierarchy for the Product dimension. She could navigate to the dimension itself, click on the segment value but could not click on that green plus box, open the drop down menu and select the choice they wanted.

The green plus sign you click on enables you to then choose (add) a Leaf Sibling or Leaf Child depending upon where you are in the hierarchy. However, each time my client got to this point the plus sign drop down dialog box would disappear. It was terribly frustrating. Well, the solution to this problem is a simple one.   When you have the screen zoomed too much above 100% or too far below 100% the capability to select certain dropdowns in Host is affected.

So when that happens again, check your screen zoom. It’s in the bottom right of your Hierarchies control panel.

Set your zoom to 100% by clicking on the chevron next to the % sign then press F5 on your keyboard. Dimension Adding Troubleshooting

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