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Why User Experience in Cloud Technology Promotes Security

Why User Experience in Cloud Technology Promotes Security

Could the key to ensuring cloud security be as simple as “give end users a product they enjoy using”? For organizations, this simple solution may very well be the best. Why?

Cloud companies have continued to beef up security, taking steps to ensure privacy and data protection and implementing operational controls. However, according to CloudTech author Mark Van Der Linden, the key to security is actual adoption of the products.

If the end users don’t like the products, they are less likely to use said products and gravitate to applications of choice, resulting in less control and therefore less security.

Focusing on Both User Fit and Organizational Needs

Getting end users to actually use the software provided needs to be considered before you even implement the software. Salespeople and CRM, Financial Professionals and Financial Software, Business Travelers and Travel and Expense Software; the list goes on, but one thing reigns supreme: give users what they want.

This all starts with gathering requirements among users and your organization. Define and document your needs and get input from the departments who actually will be using the application every single day.

Follow this by identifying top priorities and challenges of these same end users. Rank must haves, should haves, and nice to haves, among users.

Now that you know what your organization wants and needs, it’s time to actually research options that fit those needs. For real-world reviews by actual users, check out Proformative, TrustRadius, and the Salesforce.com AppExchange, among many others.

Now that you’ve done your research, demo it. Most vendors offer a 30-day free trial to allow your organization to see what the users like, what they don’t like, and how to use the product before your organization makes a sweeping change.

If the users are prone to use an application, they are less likely to find their own personal ‘add-on’ that derails IT’s ability to control company data.

Once you have made your decision, the best way to solidify usership is to properly implement and train employees to get the most out of the product. Organizations that skip this step are likely to find themselves faltering, as users may understand the basics, but are missing out on enhanced functionality and ease of use.

Decisions, Solutions, Training and User Experience

Making any software decision is tough, but if you can focus on the user, you can find the product fit to ensure that you get the enhanced security touted by cloud vendors.

Brittenford can help you find the products that not only fit your organization, but fit your users’ needs. We can and have leveraged relationships with a wide variety of vendors to fit the unique needs of businesses, nonprofits, government contractors, schools, and more.

Learn more about selecting and implementing software by downloading the 2015 Buyer’s Guide to Accounting Software, and contact us to learn more.


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