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Why You Should Name Printers in Dynamics GP

Why You Should Name Printers in Dynamics GP

I encourage all my clients to take advantage of the Named Printers feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP – it saves time and reduces errors.


Using Named Printers, your system administrator can assign specific printers to specific:

  • Tasks,
  • Users, or
  • Companies.


Using Named Printers avoids the need to repeatedly choose which printer to use when printing SmartLists, reports, checks and other items. It’s also helpful for users who have a dedicated printer.


This is a great solution, for example, to the common error of sending a batch of checks to the wrong printer. When that happens, you have to either reprint the checks, or post and void the ones you just printed to the wrong machine and start over. Ouch. By assigning a specific printer to the task of printing checks, this should not be an issue.


Let’s look at the simple solution, step-by-step. I’ll illustrate by assigning a particular printer to the task of printing checks.


To setup a named printer go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Named Printers.


When using the Named Printers feature for the first time, the system will prompt you for the Machine ID and default printer information in the Named Printer Options window.


You will first need to name the workstation at which you are working. You can find the name of your machine by going to the Windows Control Panel and opening the System window.



A pop-up will appear asking you to select the user’s default printer.



The Setup Named Printers window opens.



After you click save you will want to create a Printer ID for the check Printer. Then, click Assign to open the Assigned Name Printers window used to assign printers to specific tasks, and to assign an individual printer for a specific Microsoft Dynamics GP task.



Select the User ID, Company and Purchasing as your task series. Then, under Printer – Computer Checks assign the Check Printer ID.



Now, whenever this user prints checks, the checks will go to the pre-assigned printer, eliminating the potential for errors.


Printers can also be named for many other tasks, for each user and for each company within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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