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Will Windows 10 Be the Cure to Upgrade Fears in the Enterprise?

Will Windows 10 Be the Cure to Upgrade Fears in the Enterprise?

Windows 10 for EnterprisesNearly 10 percent of users still use Windows XP. This software, nearly 13 years old, is proof that some Windows users are not ready to upgrade. Who can blame them? After questionable releases—Vista, Millennium Edition, etc.—Microsoft may have finally created the built-for-business option that will satiate users’ needs for the usability of XP or Windows 7, while providing the security that users need to operate in enterprises today.

A New, Business-Focused Era

After the success of Windows 7, Microsoft misread the market with Windows 8 and botched the user interface, leaving a trail of unhappy customers. Microsoft encountered resistance to upgrade in businesses, as CIOs clung to Windows 7, and took a pass on Windows 8 and subsequent revisions, afraid that the UI would confuse their users and harm productivity.

The first Windows Release under Satya Nadella, former chief of the Microsoft Dynamics unit, Windows 10 will put to rest concerns CIOs have with Windows upgrades.

For Windows 10 to attract CIOs and IT managers, Microsoft will need to fix the issues and experiences that plagued Windows 8 adoption in the enterprise:

  • User Interface
  • Return of the Start Menu
  • Ease of Upgrades

The Enterprise Friendly OS

Windows 10 was panned by one writer, calling it ‘underwhelming’ and criticizing the use of 10 instead of 9 (9 is unlucky in Japanese culture), but maybe that’s exactly what Microsoft needs. No flashy changes, just fixing the issues that consumers and businesses had with the previous releases without forcing updates.

Best of 7 and the Best of 8

Ideally, the learning curve for Windows 7 users will be small. Take the best of Windows 7; add the best of Windows 8. and you get Windows 10.

Terry Myerson, executive vice president for operating systems, said Microsoft is already starting a dialogue with the enterprise market, so CIOs and IT Managers will have plenty of time to evaluate and implement Windows 10 before launch. The OS will also include barriers between personal and company data so confidential info stays that way. This will add to the value of the ‘One Microsoft’ strategy focusing on a perfect user experience across all devices.

Return of the Start MenuWindows 10 Start Menu

Windows faithful will be happy to know that the Start Menu is back in Windows 10. The New Start Menu looks like a mash-up of the Start Menu we all know, with smaller versions of the Windows Live Tiles tacked on to the right.


One of the most important changes that brings ‘One Microsoft’ to the business is the improved multitasking. Windows 10 will feature a new button to feature all open apps, improving upon the ALT-Tab application menu. Further, you will now be able to access the search from both the start menu and task bar.

Snap and Snap Assist

A key feature in Windows 7 and 8 was the snap feature, which is even better in Windows 10. You are now able to snap up to four applications, and Windows will now recommend other apps that work best with the snapped application.

Multiple Desktops

Possibly the best feature for business users is the institution of multiple desktops on one account. Why? You can now keep your business data and personal data securely separated on your account. Microsoft has taken into consideration that end users are going to use different apps at different times, and has created Windows 10 with this in mind.

BYOD at the Forefront

Microsoft had been “extremely reactionary for the last three or so years,” following the herd as the BYOD movement heated up and mobile devices supplanted PCs as consumer favorites. The new Windows will allow more users to participate in Bring Your Own Device programs and will further provide a bridge between traditional and touch.

Windows 10, Office 365, and Brittenford Systems

As you continue to seek a cloud-based solution to meet business needs while managing personal desires, we believe that Windows 10 will make this happen.

We are pleased to share this news with your business, and look forward to the release of Windows 10 in mid-2015. As a provider of Microsoft Office 365 for Businesses, we support your business growth through familiar applications. We welcome you to sign up for a 30-day trial that includes 10 user licenses for a 30-day period.

Contact us today to learn what we can do to support your business growth.


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