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Windows 10 Comes Out 7/29: Here’s What CIOs Need to Know

Windows 10 Comes Out 7/29: Here’s What CIOs Need to Know

One billion devices—the amount of devices that Microsoft hopes to have Windows 10 on within the next two to three years. Lofty? Yes. Attainable? With free upgrades for desktops and laptops running Windows 7 and 8.1, as well as the tablets and smartphones currently running various Windows versions, this billion device goal doesn’t seem as pie in the sky as one would imagine. But the real question on everyone’s mind is this: Will Windows 10 be what’s right for IT?

One thing is for certain, IT professionals are interested. According to a recent study completed by SpiceWorks, 96% of IT professionals are interested, and 60% have already evaluated a preview version.

Why Are IT Professionals Interested in Windows 10?

According to the report, two factors reign supreme: The rebirth of the Start Button, and the free upgrade.

Compared with traditional rationale behind upgrading an OS (end of life support, software requirements), the free upgrade is the most enticing factor that goes into Windows 10.

But the start button and free upgrade are only part of the picture. IT pros are looking forward most to the following features, according to the report:

  • Return of the Start Button (64%)
  • Free Upgrade from Windows 7/8 (55%)
  • Enhanced Security (51%)
  • Simple Update across the Organization (39%)
  • Multi-Desktop (33%)

Albeit, the free upgrade is only available for consumers and small/medium businesses, enterprise users will generally be covered under the Microsoft Software Assurance Program, even after the free upgrade period ends.

What Concerns Exist in Upgrading?

Of course, IT professionals are doing their due diligence. Very few actually look to upgrade immediately. Like most, professionals expect bugs and compatibility issues in the original release:

  • Hardware and Software Compatibility (79%)
  • Bugs in Early Releases (65%)
  • User Training (59%)

This means that many, according to the report, will upgrade within the first year, eschewing immediate updates:

  • 35% intend to upgrade after bug fixes
  • 32% after first service pack

This is compared to the 7% who will be upgrading on July 29, the first available day. Essentially, 73% intend to adopt Windows 10 within the first two years.

When Will You Update?

Windows 10 is touted as Windows’ parlay into a completely device agnostic operating system tailored to the complete person. No matter how you look at it, it’s going to be a very similar but different experience for users and businesses. Share your opinions and plans below.

We welcome you to view the entire report from SpiceWorks, and learn more about how Brittenford can help implement and service all of your Microsoft products—from Dynamics to Office and everything in between.


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