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News from Wipfli: Firm among Top 200 Microsoft Partners

News from Wipfli: Firm among Top 200 Microsoft Partners

Microsoft has long made it easy to find a partner who can serve your exact needs in your exact location—one of the many strengths of a company servicing more than a billion people through hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Partners around the world. But who are the top partners? A new report from Redmond Channel Partner Magazine looks to answer that exact question.

Ranking the Top Microsoft Partners

Whether that’s through Office, Windows, Dynamics, or one of many more platforms designed to make a person’s or company’s day easier, Microsoft helps possible customers to find the perfect entity to help them implement or use certain software using the Microsoft Pinpoint tool.

While Pinpoint is a viable service, allowing you to connect with Microsoft recommended solution providers that can provide you with applications and technology solutions for your unique business needs, saving time and money, its biggest advantage is its ability to provide unbiased recommendations to those in need of Microsoft solutions.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Partners want to know where they stand. Who wouldn’t?

To address this, the Redmond Channel Partner Magazine, a publication focusing on Microsoft channel partners and other Microsoft news, took a deeper look at a multitude of sources in order to come up with a ranking of top Microsoft Solution Providers to highlight who is among the strongest providers in North America.

From the announcement:

We’ve scoured various sources for 200 of the strongest Microsoft solution providers in the United States. We looked at recent NSP designations, previous members of the now-defunct Microsoft National Systems Integrator program, Microsoft award winners at various levels and our own contact lists and archives for great companies we’ve covered over the last 11 years at RCP.

This is a qualitative list, which is why it’s organized alphabetically. Some of these partners produce massive revenues in Microsoft practices that reach across Microsoft’s technology stack. Others are much smaller businesses with very deep technology expertise or with extremely strong access within Microsoft, giving them an outsized ability to provide powerful solutions for customers.

A note on geography: We’ve categorized the companies as having a presence in the East, Central, West, National or International. That’s based on office locations for those customers who still like to know they can get that face-to-face meeting on short notice. It must be said that with cloud solutions, many of these partners are running substantial national and even international businesses from as few as one physical location.

All of the companies here have demonstrated a laser focus on Microsoft technology and a strong commitment to providing great value in the thoughtfully tailored solutions they build for their customers.

Wipfli LLP Makes Top 200 List

Among these top providers, Wipfli LLP made the list. Wipfli, the proud national entity who recently acquired Brittenford, has approximately 1,500 associates, 33 offices in the United States and two offices in India, Wipfli LLP (Wipfli) ranks among the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. Learn more about Wipfli here.

As one of the many providers under the Wipfli umbrella, Brittenford can show you more about why choosing a Microsoft solution is right for your business, and how you can take steps to prepare for organizational growth with financial solutions from Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics SL.

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